Cappuccino & Yarn

The best part of working with Wrist Worms is that I can do it almost everywhere. This is a new colour, Pale Greygreen, one pair available here (the last picture on this post shows a little bit more blue than the yarn actually is).

If I'd had the money, this is what I would shop for Fall:
Clarks Desert Fantasy boots size 5.5
My favourite perfume
A trip to NY
A new phone


  1. Great picture of coffee. I feel I need a coffee like this right now...

  2. if i had the money, a trip to Swewden. your pictures, especially of fika, are tempting me to visit.

  3. my shopping list would be pretty much the same :)
    nice boots!!

  4. sandra, alla som tillfälligtvis ser dig när du virkar på ett café i göteborg skulle vara jättelyckliga :) jag skulle också köpa en resa...

  5. I love the colour of that yarn...

  6. That photo makes me want to like coffee...

  7. the grey is beautiful!

    re new york - maybe you could find someone to do an apartment swap?

  8. If i had the money...i'll buy a new computer, some nice everyday shoes, and lots lots lots of yummy lattes and coffees with friends :)

    That's a beautiful shade of grey, but for me..nothing beats the greygreen :)

  9. That is a fantastic colour.

    I like the boots too. Clark Desert boots were my staple through university.

  10. AHH! That colour is so pretty!

  11. And so we have a lot of things. Why do we need more? ;-)
    Regards from Poland. I like your blog very much - thank you, that I can enjoy part of your life!

  12. gorgeous colour. this spring i shall definitely treat myself to a pair :)

  13. I love that colour, pale greygreen, and if I had the money, I would definitely buy a pair!


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