In the studio today

A whole skyline of Wrist Worms.
Mr Omar 2nd is featured in the latest issue of Papier Mache - a very cute childrens magazine. He is also available in the shop.

Malin has opened a shop
Hard Feelings


  1. heLLo bonjour Sandra! i've been a big fan of your stuff for a while! so im happy to see your new blog! amazing photos as usual!
    love from the mountains of south france

    gini : )

  2. Wow you've been busy! How long does each pair take you to make?

  3. Förstod att du måste ha länkat, kom massa nya besökare från hela världen via dig. Tack :)

    Vad många wrist worms! Undrar som Jill, hur lång tid tar ett par att göra?

  4. A pair takes between 30-90 minutes to make, depending on the thickness of the yarn and details :)

  5. And how long it takes to make these cute guyes? :D Wonderfulllll!!! <3


  6. Hello!

    I stumbled upon your blog a day or so ago, but hadn't had time to write until now - I wanted to say how lovely it is, and what beautiful and fun things you make. Your wrist warmers are dazzling and the little guy made me laugh! Glad to have found you, much love, Julia x x x

  7. tjena!
    your blog is such an amazing place!

  8. Lovely softie crochet. All softie designs are really wonderful!

  9. Zao: a guy takes all in all about 4 hours to make.

  10. lovely colours and cute little man :D

    very inspiring, as always.


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