When it comes to yesterday's general election I can sum up this weekend in a few words: Darkness, anger, sadness, disappointment, disaster.

Read about it in NY Times.


  1. dear sandra,
    after learning the results of your country elections I thought of you and wanted to write something because the whole Europe is experiencing very difficult times and your disappointment is like mine.
    I am convinced that we should not turn off our hope and that the best response to this darkness is our light, the color of your beautiful works and the happiness that makes us fall in love with autumn walks.
    good week,

  2. heard and read about the election in sweden and i´m very sorry about this - sometimes you just can´t believe what people think... i am so disappointed. but i still hope this kind of thinking doesn´t spread around hole europe - i don´t want to let go of my believes in humanity.

    and like camilla sad you already have an answer to this darkness! we all have to work on that!

  3. Camilla: :) to turn off our hope is the worst thing we could do to ourselves and our world. you are absolutely right!

  4. despite the evidence, I'm full of optimism :D
    tanti baci

  5. Ugh, I read the NY Times article. How gross! I find it hard to keep up hope in times like this, but - I agree with the first person who commented - it's important to try.

  6. After darkness, comes light.

  7. dear sandra
    the question is
    can we do something against?
    can we better our time and how?
    I am in this everyday here in italia and find so frustrating the almost absolute absence of solutions and the idea that most of people don't see neither which is the problem ...
    a kiss / take care

  8. I'm so sorry, Sandra. I read the Times article this morning with such heaviness in my heart. I don't understand what is happening all over the world (not just Sweden, and not only Europe); this quest to become so insular that we no longer care about each other at all. And there is nothing to gain!

  9. I know how you feel. It is like Anna said, it is happening all over the world. Tough times.

  10. thanks for linking the NYX article. As an American, I can relate to the pain of elections not going the way you want, but even when the do- life is not simple. Everyone just keeps doing good things every day, no matter what.

  11. and P.S. Darn! about tighter immigration laws, it is high on my list to move to your town to eat Semla all day!

  12. I felt exactly the same when Mr Sarkozy started to be our president. But I can feel something surprising after those 3 years of dark and neo-fascism, most people are on the way to wake up, to recognize they have been ignorant, and more and more people are creating and talking about the true face of this. Don't be disappointed, but stay creative!

  13. hallo,

    i send my sympathy. as an american living in now-tory england, i know the keen sadness and disappointment of election results like these. take care and work hard against it.

  14. very sad indeed.
    we're living very confusing times.

  15. Being from Holland, I know how you feel. Our election had a similar outcome back in June, and we still don't have a new government. Our land is divided.
    Love all the good advice about staying positive :)

  16. :(

    This seems to be how things go. Back and forth. We are fighting the same sentiments in the U.S., a country built by immigrants. It doesn't make sense. And I fear because Obama cannot fix decades of problems in a four-year term, he will be replaced by another (shudder) Bush.

    I think your blog is a wonderful way to keep people connected, Sandra. It is a place to draw inspiration and hope for daily life, regardless of what governments are doing. Thank you!


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