The giveaway winner is:

This pair of Wrist Worms will move to Yui in LA! The book she recommended was Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, I've read it too and I also recommend it :)

Thank you all for participating, it's so much fun to read about books you like. There are so many books I want to read from that list. Some of my favourite authors are Haruki Murakami, Paul Auster, Bernhard Schlink, Johanna Nilsson and Douglas Coupland.

I love this photo & this post by Brian & to see this couple living here.


  1. congrats to yui...they are just wonderful those wrist worms ...

  2. I know I am waaaaaay too late but I still like to recommend Eustace Chisholm and the works by James Purdy and the Wasp factory by Iain Banks.
    Love your blog btw!


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