Messages around my neighbourhood

If I were superstitious I would believe these signs were trying to tell me something ;)
It's a quite nice Fall day in Gothenburg, have been out running errands all day.
See you later!


  1. hahaha! gillart! Go fix you idiot! ;)

  2. Ha haaa! Brilliant! I seem to be finding lots of hidden words here in Philadelphia too...I can't wait to collect some more and see what they're telling me! Great blog :)

  3. Fall is the best season of them all :)
    Now I have a question, about the last "sign", do you smoke?

  4. Alessandra > i'm not a smoker, but i smoke a cigarillo or two a few times a year if i'm in the mood.

  5. brilliant :) i love your photos!

  6. Love the top photo. I think it is saying to maybe help someone give up smoking or it is just a funny set of signs


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