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I've lived in this 1-room apartment with Johan for over four years now. It's amazing it still works, but I must say a bedroom is high up on my list of things I look forward to have :)

It's 4.5 hours left on my giveaway, the winner will be presented in the next blog post.

The other day I fell in love with this lamp.


  1. Mhm, ett sovrum vore något! Du skulle se mitt badrum, det är som att komma till astrid lindgrens värld :)

  2. Nice blog! I like your mix of photos, illustrations and handiworks.
    Greetings from Kiel!

  3. DARN Sandra, I just realized you moved! I had your blog in my reader and been wondering until NOW why there won't appear any new postings!!!

    Now I have to catch up with all that I missed out *sigh* :).

    Glad that you didn't stop blogging ;).

  4. Gabi: glad you found your way back! :) i think there are quite many people who don't know i've moved because i couldn't announce it on my old blog before it broke.

  5. Sandra - hello - because of this gorgeous blog the word 'fika' is used by me and my boyfriend and his kids and mine - like it is english - we love it - we think that it means a hot cup of tea or coffee or chocolate with something sweet - a little ceremony/ritual every day - usually with somebody else - would this be the right translation?
    please come visit my new bloggie blog - where more australian fikas will appear i'm sure. x

  6. Your apartment always looks so lovely and spacious! This might sound weird, but sometimes I dream of having my bedroom in my living room. In an old townhouse we used to live in, my husband J and I used to fold out our living room futon to sleep when it was too hot to go upstairs, and it was fun; we could watch movies in bed.

  7. A bedroom separate from all else is blissful... hope you guys can decorate one sometime soon.

  8. Wow, that's amazing! I lived in a one-room apartment with my boyfriend for a year and it was really tough. You need a place to go to be alone once in a while, or if you get in an argument, you know? But it's such a serious test of a relationship and usually will make you stronger!

  9. Yet another exhibit of
    how compatible the two
    of you are. Simply
    meant to be!

  10. The good news is, that you probably have made a really good foundation for your marriage by living in the 1 room apartment. My husband and I knew we could get through anything when we lived for three years in a tiny & crappy apartment with our three cats (prior we had lived in a very big place).
    Now we have space again. And it is nice, but sometimes it feels too big :)

  11. Where is the grey & white blanket in the middle picture from? It is gorgeous!

  12. well yep. i wouldn´t mind to have a bedroom too;)
    but sometimes it´s more about the feeling and the location than the size.
    your house looks lovely.

  13. Wow, I didn't realize that there was only one room in your appartment! You have friends visiting you all the time!?

    Must be a stable relationship. Congrats on that :).

  14. det är som att din blogg inte funkar i min reader. fan. måst ekolla det. här händer det ju grajjor!! höst äre också. märker man på alla wormsen. fint! :D

  15. jennifer in sf: it's from templets loppis in majorna :)


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