My favourite designer

Of course it's easy to call your husband your 'favourite designer' and so I do, Johan always amazes me when it comes to 3D-stuff and graphic design etc. Most of all I love Sailor and Johan has just made a few more Sailors which now are listed in his shop.

The jacket he is wearing is Adolf's by the way. When my dad saw it he told us "I remember seeing Adolf in 1965 at the gas station wearing this jacket".


  1. I had a Granit blow-out when I was in Stockholm, and I'm pining for another round. Lucky Johan! Aren't clothing heirlooms the best? My daughter potters about wearing her great-grandfather's red cap sometimes; when my mom sees it, she remembers a trip to Lake Tahoe in the 70s.

  2. such a great jacket! Johan is a perfect model as usual.

  3. The jacket looks intact and timeless.

    Johan's work its amazing!

    Saludos desde España ; )

  4. by the way thanks so much for linking to that song by the Embassy... can't stop listening to it!

  5. snart får jag krama honom på riktigt och däj mä!

  6. i love his scarf! did you make it for him?

  7. I love the sailor so much. And the jacket Johan wears is great. I was lately on his website. Like his work so much. Very creative. :)


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