October 23, 2006-2010

October 23, 2006 I made myself a scarf.
October 23, 2007 I saw a tree.
October 23, 2008 I started selling prints in my online shop.
October 23, 2009 I had coffee with Johan, my mum and my sister.
October 23, 2010 I just finished doing the dishes and took one single photo this day.


  1. I just finished doing the dishes too. (:
    It's fun to see this day in years past. Hope you're having a nice weekend Sandra.

  2. The two first photos together, wow!

  3. wundervolle idee einen ausschnitt eines tage im verlaufe von 5 jahren zu sehen!

  4. Jag gillar miljonen tekulor :D

  5. 23 october was a nice day !

  6. I love when your post the 'Same day, different year'. It always says so much. It also continues to remind me how un-organized my personal photos are, and inspire me to do better.
    Thank you for sharing your life - its beautiful.

  7. sehr schöner rückblick! bin schon gespannt auf die nächsten 23.oktober (oktobers? oktoberer? oktoberen? 1 oktober - 2 oktober - 23 oktober)!

  8. this was such a nice post:)
    i have no clue what i did, where i was exactly 4 years ago on this same day. and i lost most of my photos too, where i could have checked this. hmm.. once again i´m considering a more exact diary keeping..

  9. Love the tree in the second picture. Looks like an explosion of leaves.

  10. What kind of knitting stitch is that for your scarf? Its sublime, love it.. I want to learn how to do it.


  11. love it! that tree looks almost surreal.

    i just read on genevieve's blog that oct 23rd was the first day of winter according to the old norse calendar - i had no idea!

  12. The photo of the tree is lovely! <3


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