Black & White Neighbourhood

A walk through my neighbourhood. I have lived in this area for 5.5 years, it feels good to leave soon :)

Artwork in last pic made by Ekta & Luke Ramsey.


  1. how beautiful!

    see, even after 5.5 years you still find things to photograph :)

  2. do you think that you will miss some places in Göteborg ?

  3. Mariya > I'm sure I will, especially 2nd hand bookstores, but I easily leave things and persons behind without missing them too much because I prefer to move forward.

  4. I lived in Tucson, Arizona for five years and then moved back home. I was so ready to leave but miss it too. I love to go back and visit, it's nice.

  5. Wow! Luke Ramsey lives close to where I live, and does public work in Victoria too. It was so strange to recognize his work in that picture.
    I hope Berlin is wonderful to you!

  6. do you speak german?
    di già?
    sara by ferrugnonudo blog

  7. i like your link. small amount of colour and clear shapes.

  8. i was thinking the same things. after all your time there, you are still producing these amazing photos and have such a great eye. i just said to my fiance today that i've lived in this town for too long and i'm bored with my own eye.

    time to take on a fresh perspective i suppose.

  9. I love that second photo that looks like a sea of floating parrot heads. I wonder where there bodies have got to and who is having the better adventure.

    Good luck preparing for big and exciting move.

  10. Hei! Fantastisk fine bilder du tar!!! Jeg er innom blog'en din for første gang, men måtte bare si det!


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