A slow farewell, part IV

My parents have been in town to take farewell of Gothenburg with us. We've been laughing so much and eating lots of good food. I'm so happy we enjoy eachother's company and that Johan is a natural part of my (our) family. It's so weird, that empty feeling when someone has left, I'm thinking Were they really here? and looking at the dishes I know they were ;)


  1. That photo of you and your mom is so sweet! Will you be able to visit them often when you're in Berlin, or spend Christmas with them?

    Sorry for all the nosy questions; it just makes me so happy when families have fun together, so I want to make sure it can happen as much as possible! :)

  2. Samantha > no problem :) it won't be any different, except it will probably be a little bit cheaper (!) to fly to them from berlin. christmas will be spent together with my family, yippie!

  3. it is so nice to see how well the whole family gets along!

  4. Familial love.
    What more is there to say?

  5. åh! ni! så jäla fin bild på J i sängen(?) snygggggt.

  6. it seems like very precious times <3
    and gorgeous food!! :o

  7. it always feels just the same for me when my sister comes for a visit with her husband. i am blessed to be so close with my siblings.

    love these photos, they are remarkable.

  8. Nice very atmospheric pics. :)
    Have a nice week! allesistgut

  9. Gorgeous photos, as always!

    I went to Gothenburg a few times when I was younger - my grandmother was born there. And it is a truly beautiful city :)

  10. Its so nice to enjoy the company of your family:-) Those gyozas look delish!

  11. Hello Sandra, I am really enjoying your farewell pics. I thought you might like to see this blog, she is a food writer living in Berlin and has started doing specific Berlin places to eat or avoid?! She has a nice writing style as well.


    Its good to move to a new city to feel inspiration and new creative flow I think! I hope it is good for you. Ellie....

  12. best of luck with the move. how exciting! :)


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