Birthday day

Yesterday was my birthday and I had lunch with my ex-husband, we hadn't seen eachother for years and I thought it was time to do so before I leave this town. Then I had sparkling wine with Lisa the cat and her man. Her man and I left her at home and went to Kino to celebrate my birthday with lots of friends.


  1. Hi Sandra! I just came back from my vacation and I am catching up with your blog. This post caught my attention, because who would have thought you have an ex-husband? You are an intriguing girl!

  2. nina > it's the first time i mention him on this blog. we were married for almost 8 years. we looked at eachother yesterday and couldn't believe we had been together, it was a surreal feeling.

  3. Sandra, we have so many similar situations in our lives! I'm moving away from NYC next week and I keep debating about contacting my ex-husband to say goodbye. Did you guys marry young too? Such a crazy thing, young marriage. I think in the end I won't contact him before I go because we're just totally different people now, you know?

  4. I wasn't sure whether it was too personal to comment that I was also surprised to hear you had an ex-husband, but then I saw how you responded to Nina's comment (I was worried also about offending you in some way). I can't imagine you with anyone else other than Johan! It's good that you and your ex-husband were able to have one last visit. I have an ex (not husband, but a long, serious relationship) like that too. I think we are much better as friends.

  5. Kate is e-mailed :)
    Samantha > i'm not easily offended, don't worry. it's hard for me to imagine myself with someone else than johan too, good :)

  6. same here and I'm also 32:),
    congratulations on your birthday btw!

  7. I have an ex-husband too, Sandra! Let's make a club. ;)

  8. et forsinket tillykke med fødselsdagen sandra!

  9. @Anna - You have an ex-husband? Really?
    @Sandra - You too?
    Oh my goodness, I thought you guys were like 25... I guess I was wrong. Perhaps you are both older that I imagined. I have an ex too, but an ex boyfriend that I was with for 7 years so it felt like a husband when we ended it in 1999...


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