A slow farewell, part VI

I have been out walking for seven hours in the snow today, lots of things to fix, lots of yarn to buy to make Wrist Worms from :) Went to get a new passport at the police station and while they were taking my picture, a police man arrested a guy.

Hope you're having a great new week! I'm looking forward to going to one and two Christmas markets this weekend.


  1. i like this description of your day. i hope you're all warm and cosy at home now :) p.s. hi to lizette!!

  2. Was your passport picture you looking out of the frame, making a shocked face at the guy being arrested? ;)

  3. This makes me miss Winter so much Sandra...to wear a scarf, wool hat, wrist worms for a walk..to come home to a tea..hmm

  4. these photos are beautiful.

    it must have been a bit surreal watching someone be arrested, eh?

  5. Love these shots--winter appears so stark and peaceful behind your camera. The pink whisp on the side of that building looks like just a bit of magic mixed in amongst the snow and ice.

  6. the 2nd to last photo is mesmerizing! love the colors.

    xo Alison

  7. Das vorletzte Bild finde ich auch toll. Die Farben sind crazy.
    Liebe Grüße :)

  8. the pink graffiti is amazing!


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