Some 2008 favourites

Like I promised - some pictures from my old blog. Johan (he looks quite unhappy though...?!) and Famapa and my mum from 2008.


  1. love these!! the first one is so cute...

    and the last one...
    and the mohawk one...

    i like 'em all :)

  2. I love it when you're being silly!

  3. Johan is cute like a puppy :)
    I love them all.. but last one is very special.

  4. oh my i didnt realise id been following your blog for this long but i remember these : )
    it appears things never get boring over here and your wonderful aesthetic eye has me constantly coming back for more!
    thanks for all of the pics you have shared with us over the years. i know you have inspired me on many days as Im sure you have many others. you have made me think about the small details that are beautiful but too often over looked. many a shot of a small detail captured beautifully through your eyes has and made me think on a bad day that things will be ok. so for that alone thank you : ) x evie

  5. Thanks for posting these photos! I discovered your blog a year and a half ago, something like that, and it's great to see your older photos. How did you recover these photos? Were they on your Flickr or on your hard drive?

  6. Love all of them, dear S!
    So happy that you posted these....the one with your Mom and Johan is super fint!!!

    C xoxo

  7. I remember the frst time i saw the pic with Johan and your mum , i thought it was Johan's mum !
    Is the fourth one taken in New York ?

  8. man fattar att det här är favoriiiiter! INDEED! eller för att återknyta: favvo-ritter sport! (den praktiska!)

  9. made me smile - great. dayle

  10. Humor! Underbara bilder.
    / Helene

  11. Haha wonderfu! The one with Johan's hair is my favorite :-) Have a happy Wednesday!

  12. These photos are great and make me smile:-)
    I really like Johan's colors.

  13. haha. i really love the last photo.


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