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When I lived in Gothenburg one of my favourite stores was Rum för papper. I would love to find a similar place here in Berlin - a smaller and more personal shop specialized on paper with people working there who are passionate about their job. I need to find high quality papers for my prints etc. RSVP is amazing, but they don't offer the selection of papers that I need. I will also pay Modulor a visit although it's not what I'm looking for at the moment. Does anyone have any tips?


  1. Did you cut these yourselves? They're really nice.

  2. Nope sorry...no tips...but I love this post...very effective.

  3. hi . have you been to boesner? it is on marienburgerstr. near winsstrasse in prenzlauerberg. they have some paper..but the best things are the pencils.
    ..or Scatolina at Almstadtstraße 3, in Mitte.

    good luck.
    and also: i really like your work.

  4. try malstoff on warschauer strasse? what kind of paper do you need?

  5. http://www.boesner.com/boesner/servlet/frontend/Hauptlayout/superClient/Shop/Papier.html?btUid=bt_CategoryTree&iDf_id=7f001:-47182655:11957e3ca1e:-5c3b&1stKeywordOID=7f001:-47182655:11957e3ca1e:-5c3b

  6. Åh, vilka fina träd! Nu fick jag inspiration igen :)
    Hoppas ni har det bra i ert Berlin. Fantastiskt häftigt att göra en sådan grej, som man velat göra länge. Modigt! Hoppas ni får en skön vår där nere. Här är det blötsnö idag …

  7. http://www.papyrus-com.de/
    at the Rosenthalerplatz, Mitte. They have a big choice of inkjet paper and printing supplies, if this is what you are searching for...
    I had to leave Berlin 2 months ago, please send greetings to the Spree from me!

  8. Dear Sandra,

    Your trees look exactly as the trees here in Leppävirta where I am at the moment to enjoy some time with my parents and (not so much enjoying, but anyway) bookkeeping.

    During the last years I visited boesner.de on my visits to Germany, they at least have been very passionate (amazing framer man we met in Boesner in Frankfurt) but that is a very big place so I am not sure how it could be for you. I got my favorite papers from there. And a big pile of handmade ones. Any time that I need something and am not able to visit Boesner, I order a huge package from gerstaecker.de, I am not sure if they have a store to visit personally. But they are lovely answering my very detailed emails and deliver the huge piles of watercolor cotton paper straight to my door all the way to here Finland. Of course, if there were some watercolor papers done here in Finland, no doubts I would use them. (After all, we have so much trees in here, but almost all our paper factories are lately been closed. That is somewhat sadly funny. But happily at least the newspapers are printed on a Swedish paper :) The closest possible place to get it.

    Sunshine from here and kram kram!

  9. schau mal hier:

  10. vilka fina. hoppas du hittar en bra affär snart. tänker på SLAPSEFJELL, en bok av en norsk illustratör, när jag ser träna här. samma former typ, fast hans är målade. björn rune lie.

  11. Vad snyggt Sandra, really. Skulle man ha på väggen!

  12. Perhaps the easiest way would be to ask Rum för papper to reveal their supply sources or whether they have some customers who sell their paper in Germany...

  13. Maybe Künstlermagazin on Kastanienallee might be able to help?

  14. Thank you all, you're so helpful, amazing!

    Anonymous > I've done that already... :)

  15. Hello Sandra,

    This one should be called 'Sandras Forest' I think :D

    Happy weekend!

  16. i'd say boesner too. even though it's not a small shop, it does have quite a selection of paper. but perhaps modulor is closer to your place?

  17. fedrigoni - they have a big range of wonderful paper. you can find a showroom at Hackescher Markt 4 in Mitte


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