4 hours

I just arrived home after 4 hours of walking, a walk which included passing by Johan's work to give him a big kiss and candy. 4 hours of walking without a camera around my neck is something I'm not used to these days, it's well needed :) Follow me on instagram (requires an iphone) if you want, my username is sandrajuto, that's where I post these and a whole lot more photos. So much fun!


  1. I'll gave to download it. I currently have hipstomatic app on my phone and have mixed feelings about it so I will definitely check out instagram.

  2. Those boots were made for walkin'!

  3. i think i saw you on my way home ;-)

  4. sandra, jag frågade redan på söndag, kanske du förbisåg det.. ursäkta om jag fråga en gång till men jag kunde inte glömma kakorna - vilken fik var det?

  5. Hej Sandra,
    Jeg er nogenlunde ny på din blog, har fulgt dig et par uger, men i dag, da jeg cyklede på Karl-Marx-Allee syntes jeg, jeg så dig - og det har nok været dig, siden dine billeder er fra KMA. Håber ikke, det lyder for mærkeligt. Er vild med dine billder!

  6. Sounds like a perfect afternoon! I'm sure my shoulders would be very happy with a camera-less walk too, but unfortunately I'm not one of those lucky iPhoners :( Really like your instagram snapshots!

  7. Sandra this is the first moment I truly hate not having an Iphone. Your pictures tell nice stories and, oh my,that car is to die for and this is coming from somebody that doesn't drive or have any general interest in cars. However I love whatever is vintage in car department.
    kisses from NY

  8. your next best mom30 March, 2011 22:24

    Hej sandra!
    dina senaste bilder är helt underbara!
    saknar er!
    Stor kram ! svärmor

  9. a big kiss and candy! johan is such a lucky boy! :)

    p.s. i find it a little creepy that anonymous people write that they saw you. i will wave and say hello if i ever see you on one of your 4 hour walks!

  10. EvaForeva > i know what you mean, i was a bit "anti" this kind of picture taking until i tried instagram. now i'm totally hooked!
    Gina > indeed!
    anonymous > ok, it feels a bit strange to read this, because i have no idea who you are. next time, say hi if you want :)
    her ghosts > e-maila mig :)
    Karen Sofie > tack! ifall du vill, får du gärna säga hej nästa gång :) det känns ofta lite olustigt att få höra i efterhand att någon sett mig (jag finns på riktigt ;)), hoppas du förstår hur jag menar.
    Anne > i'm happy to hear you like them!
    alina > i thougt about that today, how incredibly ugly cars are nowadays compared to the old ones. no sense of style anymore...
    your next best mom > hahah, gillar ditt namn! kul att du tycker om bilderna! kram!
    máni > i would appreciate it so much if you did! i'm sure we will stumble upon eachother some day, would be fun!

  11. I just live around the corner of that cinema, "tilsiter lichtspiele"

  12. just became a follower and added some pics of my own today. it's fun, fun! i am trupeach.

  13. every time I go to Johan's blog I am amazed anew. I love his compositions and color sense,and he is good with textures too. twin talents, Sandra and Johan

  14. I love all the fun apps like that for various phones. I use mine on a fairly regular basis! And these are all really cool. :)

  15. and such a lovely walk by the looks of things.
    i always wondered about the giant earth worm like pipe that appears in berlin. do you know what it is and where its going? im so intrigued.

  16. Do you think this is the same car?



  17. I just got my first iPhone too and I LOVE it! I have been on an eternal search for a camera bag to carry every day, now I have some freedom.

    But like you, I will inevitably find myself somewhere wanting my 'real' camera. So now I carry both, in my (almost) perfect, daily bag.

    and I love this set of images, a great feel for the place.


  18. photo are really nice ^^ i love this apps

  19. Oh now I wish I had an iphone... otherwise I don;t need it ;)

  20. anonymous > yes, it must be! funny! :)


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