All things come to an end

All things come to an end, even the yarn when I make Wrist Worms and I try to end them as nicely as possible. Did you know that they are made in a left hand one and a right hand one? These pictures show an example:

Pic 1: Shows the outside of the left hand wearing a left hand Wrist Worm
Pic 2: Shows the inside of the left hand wearing a left hand Wrist Worm
Pic 3: Shows left hand wearing a right hand Wrist Worm

Hope you see the difference :)

Ps. Ooops for the dramatic title, I didn't mean it but totally understand now that I read your comments.


  1. Oh, how clever! Great attention to detail. Also, until I read the words in this entry I thought you had decided to stop making Wrist Worms altogether!

  2. Samantha :) not yet, i hope i can continue for a long time because i enjoy it so much.

  3. I thought you were going to stop too!
    They're great your wrist worms!
    Have a good day.

  4. me too!!! I love to see all this details!
    Have a wonderful day! Neus

  5. sorry if you got it wrong :) sometimes i'm clumsy with my words.

  6. haha, i was really shocked at first, too! :) you give your readers heart attacks! i didn't know the left and right side were different...i can totally see that but until now i thought they were two identical tubes.

    happy wrist worm making! :)

  7. Heee, I just tried this with my wrist worms...guess I've been wearing them "wrong" at times! eee!

  8. i see the difference, but i would actually wear them the other way around :) i really like this little "flaw"! but i like the idea that it's not just two identical tubes, i never noticed before...

  9. I've washed my wristworms since i have bought them, and now I can't tell which is which. Looking at them now I think i have two left handers. ?.Just looking at the thumbholes, there is a looser stitch on each left side of the hole, and on the top the last high row is on the left. I never would have noticed this before. I wonder what photos of them flat look like?

  10. Sara > the end stitch should be close to the pinkie like in the middle picture (i try every wrist worm on my own hand before finishing them). if you have two left handers there must have been a mistake (mine), sorry. the pair in these pictures show this detail much "more" than the normal pairs, because i wanted to illustrate the tiny detail. how you wear them is up to you (like Elke who likes the "flaw"), but i thought everyone should know that there are two differently made ones :)

  11. Now I get it: Sandra the fastidious knitter! My 'ends' are both near my pinkies. Perfect. I also meant to mention from recent posts how nice your hair length and color is. And in the post where the mask pushes your hair up, we can see more of your beautiful face! I think you are blossoming. Yay for spring.

  12. such a sweet person you are!!! i was also on alert when i read your title! but now i know what you meant!!! :)

  13. aww how i wish i can buy and wear wristworms. I'd just look silly in asian heat/climate. :(


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