These are small parts of a very good Monday.
It has also included coffee and carrot cake, work and a walk to the photo store where I've dumped a roll of film I started in August and finished yesterday. Exciting! Hope there'll be something on it to show you later.

How are you?


  1. your monstera is a beauty! i looked and looked for one last year - nowhere sells them here anymore, at least not for less than ridiculous sums. my mum remembers the days, when i was little, when they were for sale in every supermarket, they were so plentiful and cheap!

  2. Your Monday looks much brighter than the one we're having here in the Southern US. I should get plants for my office to brighten up grey days like this :)

  3. oh charlotte, i hope you'll find one soon. i was so surprised - i was going to buy tulips and saw this one and asked the guy in the shop how much it was and he said €9 - that's crazy! it's so big and so beautiful. have been wanting one for ages, yippie (wish i could go and buy one and send it to you).

  4. elizabeth, that sounds like a great idea, do it :)

  5. So good to see green these days.

  6. ah! that monstera - i wish i could find one, too. even though i usually have very bad luck with plants.

  7. really loving your white tulips :) tulips are my favourite

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day. And, very exciting about the roll of film.

    (My day has also been pretty good; coffe with friends, sunlight through the window)

  9. Convalescing. :(
    But with Murphy here :)
    and coral tulips. ;)

  10. It has been a good Monday so far! Just returned from the hairdresser and now I'm listening to jazz and writing a new post to publish on my blog :)

  11. wow, that looks so tasty!

  12. that´s so pretty. spring has finally arrived to helsinki, too :)

  13. Love the shots of green.
    How am I? Pretty good as I found Spring yesterday.

  14. oh I cannot wait to see your film photos...

  15. I am fine ! And you !-))
    I've the same kind of roll problem...

  16. jag är trött.
    efter jobb tills nu o sen springtur.

    fint o rakt monsteran står.
    vår bara ...krälar?!
    hatar den lite.

    sov gott!

  17. I love your monstera, and your basil(?) and your tulips! Today I am so wishing that I had a big hug of this tulips in my room. maybe tomorrow. :-)

    Oh and I am fine, because tomorrow is my birthday and it's our new year in only five days!

    Have a gorgeous day, Sandra xo

  18. love the look of that curry! dayle

  19. I love when you do that: on a day to remember what you've done in years, is something very special I think.
    For years I read your blog, my sister did (still does) and she hit me in the habit :)..
    I never really comment because I do not speak English but I love your photos and your comments. Your photo of white tulips made ​​me think of this song:
    (sorry the link, I have no other direct to the song).
    Greetings from Paris



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