Wrist Worms everywhere

What I like the most about making Wrist Worms is that I can work everywhere. That's why I've focused on making them instead of doing my other work lately - moving to Berlin has messed up my brain a bit so crochet helps me sort my thoughts. My studio space won't be finished in a while, but I'm in no hurry :)

Looking forward to receiving my copy of Work/Life 2 - I'm in it, yippie! And Janine has (like always) done a great job.


  1. Be careful of the invasion of wrist worms !!!

  2. hi sandra, congratulation for work/life 2!:)) i enjoy crotchet, too because of doing it where ever i want.;) lovely greetings from kreuzberg, lotte.:)

  3. it's so nice that you can crochet wherever you want. it sometimes makes me kind of angry that i can't just take my sewing stuff on the train or to a café. i always need tons of stuff to do my work and i'm bound to a certain place.

  4. hello sandra! well, they do look wonderful all organized in colours!! and i can understand doing something that gives us pleasure and helps us to relax... sooo good!!!! hugs!!! twiggs

  5. dina wrist worms fanns till och med på bild i någon gratistidning till! det är hemskt fint när de ligger överallt.

  6. CONGRATS for work/life2!!! BTW, I want to have every single colour of WW from your shelf!!! Happy day!

  7. I love the idea of being able to work anywhere. It makes me slightly jealous of writers;)
    I take my sketchbook everywhere, but am working towards making drawings and/or paintings while out & about.

  8. I know what you mean about crochet "sorting your head out". I crochet to calm my mind or when I'm feeling uninspired to do other (possibly more important) things. It's a great, productive tool for procrastination!


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