This weekend I:

bought roses...

& 40 eggs...

had coffee with Mr Pickles, Gemma, Anthony & Johan (his blog is broken)...

had wonderful hibiscus tea I got from a kind blog reader, Lisa in Italy & cookies made by Johan's grandmother...

almost wanted to eat these...

walked down Karl-Marx-Allee...

asked Johan to take a picture of me, but I had to sneeze...

went back home to take on some matching clothes before dinner...

woke up and it was Monday...

took a picture of Adolf's bottle...

and Lizette the cat...

What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. What a great-looking weekend! Maybe I would like to send you some tea as well - what kinds do you like best?

    The highlight of my weekend was the insane weather - turbulent rain and then snow and then rain again!

  2. Love the third to last photo. Love it!

  3. Samantha > you're the sweetest! I like black tea best, and then green & white. Red the least, but sometimes if it's a really good one it works :) & good herbal teas as well. Hmm... what a good answer ;) When it's good it's good!
    Your weather sounds crazy! Snow!! It's going to be around 22-23°C here the rest of the week, you should come here!

    Luisa > I'm glad to hear :) Thank you!!

  4. Hooray! I love tea shopping! :) And I wish I could go to Berlin, at least until the spring weather here returns!

  5. It is nice to see that it makes you happy when someone sends you tea or homemade cookies. But it is logical of course. :)

    There was no real highlight in my weekend, because I had to learn my exams of this week. But yesterday I took a little walk through the city where I live and made some photos. It was short, but nice.

  6. so great photos, thank you Sandra! you made my day*

    otherwise it´s a rather low low pressure above finland at the moment. disaster results from the parliament elections yesterday..
    oh well. but the sun is shining, it´s spring and i´m in love. so that´s at least something in life:)

  7. Guess what! I wisited your apartment this night...in my dreams. I believe it was because I looked at your blog before I went to bed. The funny thing was that we almost didn't speak when we met. It was a strange meeting. He he. I believe that can't be true cause you seem to be such a sweet person:) God påske!

  8. Hej S!
    The highlight of my weekend is catching up with dear friends over brunch and fika which made the terrible weather bearable! :)
    Those cookies look really yummy and I would like to kiss Mr. Pickles... ;)

  9. Lovely that sneeze of yours! And the braids!

    Highlight was the sun and the bonfire that a friend did in seconds. A coffee brewed in the fire was the sweetest thing.

    Happy Monday Sandra <3

  10. Det här var ett fantastiskt fint inlägg. Förresten läser jag din blogg och har gjort det så himla länge men det är sällan jag säger något. Förlåt för det.

  11. My highlight was that I've been to Berlin to visit my family and between the asparagus, the wine and our talks I suddenly knew the solution ;) I feel so much better now. Thanks to them I have a totally happy Monday!

  12. väldigt fina foton på din vardag - som vanligt!
    min höjdpunkt var nog när jag lämnade in arbetsprovet på fredagen :)

  13. lovely photos!
    my highlight was visiting family i hadn't seen in a while.
    have a great week!

  14. beautiful photos of your weekend & very funny photo of you almost sneezzzzing!
    having a beer with friends al fresco was the "high" and the first day at the beach was the "light"!

  15. MOPSEN! <3<3

    + nysen , hahaha!

  16. the highlight of my weekend was to see &smell all those lovely cherry-flowers...(thanks for the foto!)... for ex. at the Weidenweg on sunday evening, while the blackbird boy sings the evening song for the blackbird girl ;-)

  17. practical highlights: getting work done! Learning!
    I love seeing your face. Maybe not everyone feels this way- even you- but before with your dark hair and 'fringe' I felt like I could not see you. Now I can, and you look like someone who would be really fun to photograph! Tell Johan to keep up the good work.

  18. My highlight in this weekend was spending time with my family celebrating my mum's birthday. She served us a really good homemade cake. Yum!
    What are you going to use 40 eggs for if I may ask? :)

  19. Katrine > every morning I eat 3 fried eggs, so does Johan - together 42 eggs a week - just for breakfast, in Gothenburg our local shop people were laughing at us everytime we went there to buy eggs, I think it will be the same here in Berlin soon too :)

  20. Do you guys keep your eggs out on the counter? I think that looks so neat, but everyone here puts them in the fridge.

  21. the highlight of my weekend really came Monday morning when I found out that customs is letting me bring back the bones of my -now unfortunately deceased- favorite horse from my parents-in-law farm! Not sure yet what we will do with the bones...
    Sandra: these pictures are amazing , so evocative and romantic!

  22. That picture of the eggs and Johan on the steps are my two favourite. The lighting is just *g* lovely. The picture/caption of the cat threw me off: my sister has the same name and adores cats. :)

  23. · { so so beautiful and inspiring pictures happy easter in berlin } ·

  24. niki > we eat them up so quickly that they can be in room temperature without a problem (i think eggs can be for weeks actually) :)

  25. wow,
    how many eggs! Do you eat a lot of them in your day to day?

  26. Oh I love these photos! Mr Pickles looks gorgeous.

  27. so lovely to see Mr P there!
    also really digging your instagram photos. great app, isn't it? shame i still have my 1st gen iphone so my pics don't come out as crispy as yours :(

  28. ha,ha. Adolf's bottle is still with you! And the little horseshoe calendar? Your milk maid braids are cute

  29. i want to KISS MR. PICKLES!!


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