A bunch of pictures for the weekend

When roses start to look sad, I cut them off and they live for another week.

Johan is making Sailors again, unfortunately it's just possible to make a few per week, so they sell out so quickly.

Lisen sent me some of her fabulous postcards, I'm in love.

First layer of floor paint. The "rain" colour turned out very blue, I would rather call it sunshine on a dusty morning ;)

Walking to the Post Office and back.

New reads: N.E.E.T., the book featuring my Gothenburg home, Uppercase Magazine (thank you Janine!) is one of the best magazines there is, Drawn In by Julia Rothman looks inspiring.

Flowers from a very kind person, thank you so much!

Yesterday Johan and I had dinner with Nina and her husband. They both were such wonderful persons. Thanks to blogging I have met so many nice people the last few days!

Happy Weekend you all, see you!


  1. I love all the pictures, and it's so interesting to see how Johan makes the Sailors.

    Bon week-end! <3

  2. wishing you a fantastic weekend too...I love your flowers, I love your postcards, I love your ceilings and your dresses and I even love your boxes...they look very intriguing!! I also have special reason to love Uppercase 9....

  3. oh wonderful photos... as usual! :)
    Have a happy weekend!*

  4. thanks for introducing us to Nina- I enjoy thinking about you and your new people and life. It expands my life too!

  5. Love this whole set!
    My faves are...the high ceilings in your apartment, Johan's sailors, Lisen's postcards, and I think "rain" is a very soothing and calming colour! :D

    Hope you're having a wonderful day filled with all those pretty fresh flowers! ;) xoxo

  6. I love the photo of you by the window. Very pretty!

  7. Love your roses and 'sunshine on a dusty morning' and high ceilings... :)
    Have a great weekend Sandra!

    Emma, x

  8. wonderful pictures!
    the first one is my favourite.

    happy weekend, sandra. x

  9. Love Sailor! Hope Johan still makes them when I have the money to order one :).

    Which colour did you use for your floors? Desperately seeking for the right floor colour, but we can't find colour for wooden floors?!

  10. Lovely pictures as always! I'm envious of your post-office walk, so many great sights along the way!
    Have a happy weekend!

  11. great photos! i'm jealous of both your new reads and your roses. all my gardens flowers have died off. i'm glad johan is making new sailors, they're so great!

  12. sclawittchen > I use paint for wood. Simple as that :)

  13. I love looking at all of your photos! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. i'm seriously in love with your blog, your pictures, your art ! . . i've taken a look at the sailors . . so cute !!! . . i make toy animals named "rag-fish", but i don't know how to commerzialize them . . i still have to think about it . . greetings from spain :)

  15. For a minute I thought Johan was dipping into a nice pate...then I read the description....haha, silly me! x

  16. such a beautiful post, can't say what i like most. those postcards looks amazing and i love color of the wall, it feels refreshing to all those whitish walls and floors.


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