Buy 1 print - Get 1 extra for free

Special Offer during May 2011
Buy 1 print - Get 1 print extra for free (Buy 2 prints - Get 2 prints extra for free, etc). These are the prints to choose from.

Let me know which print(s) you'd like for free in the payment message or through this e-mail form (that is, do not place an order on the print(s) you want for free).



  1. I'll be waiting for my prints!!! :) I sent you the message, thank you!!!!

  2. Nämen oh! Är det du som gjort den söta trädfiluren! Jag har den som bokmärke, och har även skickat till en vän som älskar den. :)
    Började följa din blogg för ett tag sen, men kul att upptäcka att jag redan för flera år sen hade den goda smaken att gilla det du gör :)

  3. I like so much your print " Adolf" but I'm don't have my own home, and I prefer not to buy know.
    Have a good sunday!

  4. very interesting graphics. I'm new on this blog. I wonder what technique did you do that? Fantastic ideas!

    have nice day!

    ps. i like your blog very much!


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