In the mail today

Today I received some extra nice mail, the first picture shows the two envelopes - matching together so well :) The big one is from Famapa (The You are here-print) and the small one is from Malin (she made me 2 bracelets, I'm going to wear them all the time, I can almost never find bracelets because my wrists and hands are so small).

Tack kompisar! <3


  1. Those are great bracelets!

  2. Eeeep! Lucky you! ;)
    All are wonderful! :D

  3. lovely gifts!
    i'm officially jealous ;)

    have a great week. x

  4. How funny...just recently I was thinking about re-learning how to make those bracelets (we called them "friendship bracelets" in the US when I was a kid) because they are so pretty. This has re-inspired me! I haven't made one since I was about 12 years old, but I'm sure I can pick it up quickly. :)

  5. The bracelets have the prettiest colours!

  6. Mail brings the best surprises! I love postcards and letters and packages and sometimes think it's a shame everyone is only emailing, twittering, facebooking nowadays.
    I'm a real postcard addict and buy (& send) them all the time :)

  7. haha, pricken är ju på pricken. skönt att ha en sån när det blåser hårt o man undrar vadfan. skitfin!
    hurra för den. enkel och rejäl kompass.


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