Some photos from a walk down Karl-Marx-Allee on a warm evening a few weeks ago. I love shooting film and have more to show you :)

Karl-Marx-Allee is my favourite street, you can read more about it here. If you come to Berlin, make sure to take a walk there if you like this kind of architecture.


  1. Super Bilder! Muss definitiv auf die KMA wenn ich das nächste Mal in Berlin bin (im Juli, juhu!)! Liebe Grüsse

  2. Love Berlin through your eyes. :*

  3. Very nice photos! I do love your Instagram photos as well, but I also have missed these types of photos:-)

  4. jag tänker på vår promenad!

  5. My son is in Berlin since a few days. I'ld like to be with him. Perhaps Berlin for us this summer....
    I saw this street in GDR, in 1987.

  6. Jag hoppas att snart få gå med dig på denna fina gata igen. Du är så himla bra:) puss

  7. great photos. Karl-Marx-Allee is also one of my favorites, it´s so bizarre.
    (bizarre is actually a word which describes it well, like made for it)

  8. outi > that's such a great description!

  9. I love Karl-Marx Alle too!

    Did you get the tea I sent you? I'm afraid you didn't :(

    I'm gonna write you an e-mail!


  10. (a little late with my comment, your blog moves so fast :))
    beautiful pictures! I love the KMA, seeing these pictures reminds me of a walk my boyfriend and I took down the Allee last winter, when we were in Berlin right before Christmas. good to see it without a big layer of snow, though :)


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