Bonus day

My guests were supposed to leave on Sunday, but the Schönefeld Airport messed up their check-in and they had to buy new tickets for the next day...

Time to start working after the best and most well needed week of vacation in as long as I can remember. Today is a big day - I will start moving into my new studio!


  1. this first photo looks soooo cosy. it really makes me wanna stay at home and have candlelight breakfast...damn you rainy day!

  2. can not wait to see how your new studio will look like :)

    happy working days, welcome back !

  3. Yay! New studio! Good luck with that! :)

  4. fy FAN så kul. grattis! :D

  5. och tänk att vi fick bord på berlins bästa restaurang! blomsterängen?

  6. I know I've said this before, but your photos are so beautiful and...restful somehow.


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