Food memories from 2007

Seafood by the river in Gothenburg, oh how I miss good seafood...

First time visit at this café, they played opera really loud and it was heaven.

Easter dinner at my parents.

Gothenburg café breakfast.

Greece, haven't been there since then. I'm longing back to the Mediterranean Sea.

This used to be my favourite back in the days in my neighbourhood in Gothenburg, it's a mix of vietnamese summer rolls, hummus, tzatziki and other good things.

Breakfast in Småland.

Johan baked a pizza for us and a friend and it caused a fight with our neighbour who always begged for food.

Breakfast with Camilla.

A typical we're-out-of-money-homemade-potatoes-in-the-oven-dish.

The first time I picked mushrooms, yum!

Breakfast at home.

Johan makes the best pasta carbonara I've ever had.

Pizza in Berlin.

Lunch at a fancy restaurant in Gothenburg which I went to sometimes when I was tired of being a student.

Dinner with Camilla and Johan.

A crumpet for breakfast, with arctic bramble jam.

And a food memory from 2005:
Once upon a time I used to cook most of what I ate. Then one day I was visiting Johan (we were just friends at that time), I asked if we were going to cook something and he gave me a book and asked me to lie down on his bed to read. So I did while listening to him cooking and thought This is how I want to live.

More food memories posts coming soon.
Did you eat anything particularly good this weekend? I had a delicious halloumi snack for dinner on Saturday.


  1. I did eat some fabulous cheese !
    From the center of France (called Salers)

  2. I love the 2005 food memory!

    This weekend I went across the country for a wedding (still there/here now, actually), so I am in Vacation Eating mode. Yesterday J and I met some friends for dinner at an Italian restaurant and I ate gnocchi bolognese and we shared stories and laughed loudly.

  3. mm, all that food loooks amazing. Shrimp pizza! I've never had anything like that or dreamt of anything like that. How did it taste?

  4. Lovely post, Sandra. My man cooked some Roulade for me on Saturday and I had a very nice snack at the barn on Sunday.

  5. What a beautiful post. I love Swedish breakfasts, I love the beautiful food Johan cooks for you. I love everything you eat....
    This weekend I made Dorie Greenspan's wonderful Great Grain Muffins and had it for breakfast with filter coffee. It was very good.

  6. Sandra I love everything about your blog! I too ate some gnocchi this weekend (much like the other commenter above). Chestnut gnocchi with brown butter & sage. Sadly i did not photograph it. Grr...

  7. Green chile cheese burgers
    and home made blondies.

    Hardly a dieter's delight, but
    who's counting calories? :^)

  8. I love these food memories and especially the one from 2005 !
    This week end , i had a delicious vegetarian wrap at the Festival Rock en Seine in Paris , i didn't expect it to be so good !

  9. Mmmmm.... allting ser ju så gott ut här!

    Jag äter mest kantareller för tillfället. Funkar till allt nästan, och bara att gå ut i skogen och hämta!

  10. Damn, you just made me really hungry. I'd like to taste all of this! It's good inspiration actually. So beautiful and delicious.
    Did I eat anything particularly good this weekend? I was at a housewarming at my friend Maria who just moved in with her little family in a beautiful country house. Her boyfriend had made some really good fruit pies with fruits and berries from their own new garden. That was particularly good!

  11. It seems all the blogs I read tonight are about food - and this entry was just too much for me! In a good way, that is! I've just had a lovely carrot soup for dinner, but you made me hungry again ;)

  12. Wow, it's good to read about food, about good food.

    Today I made 3 different types of pesto with a housemate and it was way too much, but it was delicious.

    I sometimes get really sad when I see how many people cook (as quick and easy as it can be) and how they eat. Food is something really important and it also should be for other people (cooking, knowing where food comes from, eating together).

  13. I am officially starving. Thanks a lot.

  14. dangerous to watch this when you're hungry :-)

  15. Wow, what a delicious post. I love your food memories. On saturday we went to Frischeparadies and had salmon and prawns for dinner. Yum!

  16. hi. I love this post and the bit about you listening to Johan cook. I love his posts on his logs-has he moved to tumblr permanently? I love the photos that are not filtered, more than the others.

  17. i love your posts that take a walk through time; they're my favourite!

    this weekend - after months of window shopping - i finally bought a pizza stone and so pizza was obviously on the menu. i have been making pizza forever at home, but with a pizza stone the experience feels completely new. my favourite combination of flavours at the moment is spinach, pear and blue cheese.

  18. Ohhhh deearrr me!! I would like to eat everything in each and every one of these beautiful photographs!! :O *oink* *oink*

    Your food memory from '05 makes my eyes tear! eeek! ;)

  19. yummy!! the one with johan cooking and your reading is the best food memory! this weekend i had a food marathon with the prize going to paella in candlelight!

  20. we ate street mexican food, yummy pancakes, made by emil's mother for our visit and this amazing pasta we made. we love simple food so it was fresh basil, tomatoes, olive oil and parmesan cheese. we also made our special homemade lemonade. so yes. it was a pretty awesome weekend. we both love food.

  21. älskar minnet från 2005 :)

  22. "I asked if we were going to cook something and he gave me a book and asked me to lie down on his bed to read. So I did while listening to him cooking and thought This is how I want to live." . . i think this is so beautiful

  23. what a post! a fight with a neighbour who begged for food, I'm so intrigued...

  24. This is GREAT post. I want more posts about memories and food... such a tight relation between the 2.
    This week end I didn't eat anything in particular (mostly because of Irene, and also because my husband is a chef and works on week ends) BUT tonight I went to an amazing restaurant and ate rock crab, seared foie gras, sweet breads and cheesecake. With ice cider.

    It was our first date at a restaurant since my son was born, almost 4 months ago. It made it even more special...

  25. den där måndagspizzan lever kvar i min skalle och käft!

  26. Jay > it was super delicious! you should try :)

    so glad you all like this post, i will do more of them!

  27. Oh my gosh. In the picture "Breakfast at home" that cup and a plate that serves your tea - so beautiful I gasped. Where is it from, do I have any chance of having one of my own?

  28. Love food posts! I went to a food festival in Cardiff at the weekend. I had some amazing Paella and Churros for afters - yum.

  29. ohhh please sandra, it makes me wanna eat!!!! looooove you food pics :)

  30. da bekomme ich sowas von hunger!

  31. Blev varm i hjärtat när jag läste om minnet från 2005.

    Lagade himmelsk fisksoppa i söndags. Vitt vin o grädde i mängder :)


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