Food memories from 2008, Part I

Johan, Camilla and I made lots of food for Camilla's husband's birthday on a cold day in January.

Breakfast at a "French" café in Gothenburg.

Shrimps and cheese.

My favourite pizza in my old neighbourhood.

The first time I visited a legendary restaurant called Sjömagasinet in Gothenburg, they used to have amazing lunches.

While studying this was the sushi I had at least a couple of times a week.

Bread from a French bakery in my old neighbourhood, their bread was so crazy delicious.

On Johan's 25th birthday I surprised him with champagne for breakfast. I also made him a ciabatta with scrambled eggs, asparagus, parmesan cheese and truffle oil.

Lunch at an Austrian restaurant in Gothenburg.

In April it was time for the first pizza outdoors. This is a kebab pizza, the most sold pizza in Sweden. Also in Sweden pizza is always served with a pizza salad which is cabbage with oil, sugar, vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper.

Pizza at home with my mum as a visitor. This used to be my favourite low budget wine. A low budget wine in Sweden costs almost €7 if you want it in a bottle...

Pancakes outdoors.

Summer came and I had dinner outdoors on the grass.

And in the garden where I used to live. I love love love that salsa made of mango, tomato, coriander (cilantro in American English), lime, onion and chili.


Barbeque in my parents' summer house.

Picnic with Johan, Camilla & Morran on that Summer's hottest evening.


  1. Yummmm!

    Soooo hungry now!!!! :O

  2. I really, really need some sushi now ;)... All the food looks very delicious!

  3. I loove love love love mango-tomato-coriander-onion salsa as well. Top summer food!

  4. ohhh you are making me terribly hungry!! Your photos are so good!!

  5. love this series of photos with food, actually I think those are one of my favorite things to shot and yr food is definitely wonderful!
    I love eating in restaurants, but I must say I prefer cooking in my kitchen.
    Lovely photos<3

  6. 2008 looks like it was a pretty wonderful year, if these pictures are anything to go by!
    Your salads and picnic spreads are inspiring me to get outdoors much more this spring and summer, thank you:)

  7. Im at work and it is still a couple of hours till lunch... I shouldnt have looked through these photos... Now im day dreaming about all this delicious food;)))) great memories you have there!!!

  8. sandra, this series of posts is making me so happy! love it.

  9. Every things seems to be SO tasty! A lot of good food.

    Pictures number 2 & 7 call my name, it makes me miss even more than I already do baguette & croissant, and all those succulent breads & various cheese we have in France. I don't find so good breads in Berlin..

    Bon appétit & good evening,

  10. Wow... your food memories are delicious!

  11. är det här någon slags terapi? den hjälper då mig till tusen ;) MUMS!

  12. Che bello! Such beautiful images of gorgeous food... one of the best and most attainable pleasures in life.

  13. You need to do a book. Seriously. Start now. The food you make looks amazing.

    I mean it. Write a proposal, write some simple recipes, include some of these amazing photos and submit them to a publisher. People with far less talent, taste and ability are getting book deals right and left. You have the seeds of a marvelous book right here: where Gothenburg food meets Berlin food, where Swedish food meets German food. You don't have to be a chef to write a cookbook, just a talented home cook (which you are). DO IT.

  14. jag blir hungrig fast jag precis har ätit frukost. Mmmm.... foooood....


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