The old airfield

One night last week we all hooked up with Luise and Hermann, such a fun and warm evening.


  1. somehow the pictures of food just look bigger, nicer and more interesting on your blog than anywhere else. i don't know why, but that's how it is.

  2. I have moved to the countryside about six months ago and have not missed the town yet, but your photos just gave me an urge to spend a few days in a big city! They feel warm and inviting...

  3. wow, Sandra, lovely photos. I've really enjoyed these last posts with photos of yr sister kids and rest. I must say u take much better photos when u have such a nice company, if you don't mind I say it.

    and yes, say hello to Luisa, I really miss her posts.

    ._. *

  4. Just hello from France!
    I'm often reading, watching in your window, it's now time to say Hi!

  5. Great images...I love your perspective on Life!

  6. Dieses Auto, es kommt aus der selben Stadt wie ich !!! Nicht nur das deine Photos jedesmal ein Stück zuhause sind, sondern jetzt ist ein Stück von meinem Zuhause tatsächlich in deinen!

    Wie schön, wie schön!


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