The Wrist Worms & I & 20% off this week!

Wrist Worms and I cuddling with a phone, a cat, a fox and a camera.
I have made a whole bunch of stripey ones now listed in the shop. Also there are quite a few one-of-a-kind pairs available here!

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20% off on your Wrist Worms orders this week!
Enter discount code WEEK37 on check-out.
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Happy new week!

(Pictures taken by Johan)


  1. they all look great! what a good pictures :)

  2. Happy new week to you too! Cheers with a cup of rose green tea from Rewe-shop from Frankfurt, almost finished package of it.

    I stay on dreaming of those ones with red berries in a circle. And your dress! It must make you to dance a little bit, doesn´t it?

    Hugs from Tampere.

  3. My Wrist Worms arrived saturday! And autumn came yesterday! :) http://knoopjes.blogspot.com/2011/09/count-my-blessing-3.html

  4. Love theses pitures and the wrist worms ! Well done to you and Johan ! :-)

  5. Darja Charapova > thank you!
    Anna Emilia > oh i have to try that tea some time!
    Knoopjes > !! we wrote to eachother at the same time :)
    Maria > for once we could work together ;)

  6. Åh de är så fina. Och fräknarna med!
    Har samma lika klänning :)

  7. I love them! I want one! but I live on the other side of the world ..

  8. i can't wait for my first pair. we have a couple of months left of warm weather here. i go through your shop so often and have no idea how i will ever choose!

  9. These photos are great, Sandra. You made my day. :)

  10. Å vad fina de är Sandra, allihop. Bilderna också :)!

  11. very pretty and ready for the winter

  12. Oh my, nice camera! Looking for one like that for a while (that works just fine) ... just need to bump into it ;)
    And of course, love all your work!
    Greetings from a (normally sillent) blog-fan


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