Food memories from 2010, Part II

One day Johan came by my studio with a bag full of wonderful wonderful food.

I used to have a sandwich at one of my favourite coffee places in Gothenburg sometimes, my favourite was the one with taleggio and ham.

My sister and Janne came to visit us over the weekend, we had lots of great food - like pasta for lunch.

And oysters for dinner.

And some greasy greek fantastic food where my sister and I told a joke and I got red wine stuck in my throat and acted like a fountain.

In May Johan and I went to Berlin to celebrate our first anniversary, we had sushi for lunch one day.

And some vietnamese food for dinner one evening.

And these halloumi and falafel plates for dinner the next evening.

And a big plate of good stuff for breakfast.

In June we had dinner as often as possible outdoors. This time with our neighbour. I cooked!

Johan baked hamburger bread and made fish burgers, too good to be true.

We made a creamy pasta with moose killed by Johan's grandfather and chanterelles picked by his grandmother.

We went up to visit my parents and baked bread outdoors on the old grill.

Johan made the best risotto any of us had ever eaten before.

And my dad grilled some baltic herring on the newly built grill.

Tomorrow I will serve you the last food memories post.


  1. Your food memories always make me hungry! :)

  2. Sandra, has Johan thought about starting a food blog? I would definitely follow... those fish burgers look soooo good!!

  3. Julia > I've asked him that too, but he's not interested in anything else but cooking and eating :)

  4. I think you should do a small restaurant :)

  5. I shouldn't have looked at this on a day when I haven't had breakfast. I'm so so hungry now!

  6. I just love your food series!! it makes me so hungry..and so inspired to cook!

  7. How do you both stay slim with all that amazing food, and such copious amounts of it?! Wonderful. A food blog would be mouth watering!

  8. I remember #10 clearly - maybe the first of your food photos I ever commented on! It also inspired me to eat better salads for a while. Memories of Sandra's food memories!

  9. I always manage to see these posts right before meal time. Now I'm off to lunch with a renewed appetite! :)

  10. That is an awesome outdoor grill! I love all the food memory pictures, but right now the breakfast photos are talking to me the most, because it is morning here and I still have not had mine :)

  11. Ah matfrossa ftw! Älskar. Johan kan lätt komma hem till mig och laga lite så jag slipper ibland :)

  12. Sweet mother of god... i'm so hungry right now! :P

  13. I am loving these posts! It's so fascinating to see all the things you eat, and your photos are always so lovely. :)

  14. Sandra, lucky you, then!! You have all his cooking talent for yourself :D

  15. Ich hoffe, du hast noch einige ähnliche Fotos :)

  16. 1) i really want to try the creamy pasta with moose and chanterelles

    2) i really, really want to build a grill and bake bread on it.

    3) if i build i grill i will want to cook herring on it too

  17. Stunning photos! You're blog makes me hungry!

  18. these photos make me hungry!


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