New colours

So what's new?
A plant.
Johan is working in a bar and I sometimes keep him company until sunrise.
Hopefully we have time & money to fix the last room in our apartment soon, looking forward to it!

& there are quite a few new colours of Wrist Worms in the shop, yay! Fall is the best!


  1. Just bought the very nice blue ones, happy!

  2. i really like that wall with the ripped wallpaper as it is actually....
    love the new wrist worms colours too. perfect for autumn :)

  3. thank you so much ilse acke!
    thereza > i do too when taking pictures, but not living with because the wallpaper stinks from 40 years of smoking :)

  4. The plant is great, i love the leaves. What is it?
    Liebe Grüsse!

  5. jana > keine ahnung :) liebe grüsse an dir!


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