Back to blogging?

Hopefully the THURSDAY image above will prevent the thieves from at least showing my pictures (update: THURSDAY image removed, they finally removed my content).
You readers are the best, thanks again for all your support about this awful thing.
I hope this post will make it possible and joyful for me to go back to my "normal" way of blogging.

Another thank you goes to you who shared your thoughts about the winter darkness on my hello november!-post. I have found my best recipe: Walk all day, Work all night. Maybe not every day, but as often as possible. Another great idea is to invite friends over for dinner, which I hope to do soon.


  1. Im sad to hear about the artessen behaviour! I think it is not fair at all, hopefully the truth will win!
    Love that balalaika photo;))))

  2. What a great idea, I am lucky too that I can begin to work like this, will be even easier if I manage to ditch my evening television. Stay cosy.

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble again, hopefully it will all work itself out, if only they realised how much it hurts you x

  3. Oh it appears I am on the front page and have a profile too? Never seen it before!

  4. first about the darkness thing, great idea of inviting friends over! i love that one! now about the other ones... this really sucks!!! it is so stupid!!! how can they do NOT answer at all??? that is so disrespectful!! stay focused and do what you have to do!!!

  5. I only got to now your blog because of arteseen. They are not taking credit for your work, they just pin the nicest posts on a full range of cool blogs... I think you should be glad and feel good that some other people like and promote your work...

  6. Marjory > I don't agree with you, I do agree it's a great selection of good blogs. I am always very happy and thankful when people like and promote my work, but not in this money-making/not-asking-for-permission way - it's hijacking other people's content, because they take every single blog post from people's blog and put up a profile that makes it look like you are part of their network.

    It's my work (and my opinion) and it doesn't feel right to see my content somewhere else, a good old text link is more than enough :)

    I will never accept this way of "promoting" others just to make money of it yourself. It is using other people. My blog content belongs on my own blog.

  7. Så sjukt att någon faktiskt gör sådär. Så förnedrande liksom.

    Din blogg är iallfall sjukt underbar och ingen annan ska ta åt sig äran för det än du!

  8. They didn't ask for permission? Really unnacceptable. I agree that as the author you should be able to decide where your content can be seen.
    I wonder what other bloggers featured on that page think, some of them are very well known.
    As for the darkness... I thought you Scandinavians were 'inmune' since you grow up with that :-) It helped me while I lived in Ireland to be outdoors whenever the sun shone a little bit, to look at bright things (unless it hurts your sight, of course!) and in moments of total despair, to paint a paper with yellow crayons.
    It helped but... I have to admit... after 3 years I ran off to sunny Barcelona.

  9. to blog is such a personal thing...& for someone to hijack it...take your work into their own is not ok. I have found my images being used in Italy & US & i am not flattered i am annoyed by it. I am pleased you are back to blogging for yourself...you are wonderful at what you do & give me inspiration. thank u Dayle

  10. fi fan för tjyvarna. harom gett sej nu alltså?! FULT! hur fick du nys om detta, av slump?
    åh BALALAIKA: där under har jag med stått en gång. ballt. a lajka.

  11. thank goodness your site is off! lovely photos! happy weekend!


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