Let's go to the market

My Saturday morning tradition - go to the food market and have coffee and take a few rounds to look at all the goodness. Brought home hummus, eggs and coriander.


  1. do you know the winterfeldtmarkt in schöneberg? it's beautiful. on saturdays and wednesdays.

  2. i love the market around boxhagener platz, i wish a similar one would exist here in kreuzberg. the turkish market is not quite the same - and it's not on saturdays.

  3. hi sandra, nice pics!! i so, so much love food markets, too.:) have a nice sunday, lotte.:)

  4. This is a pretty amazing tradition.It's very good for the environment, for you and for the farmers to buy local. I used to love doing it in France as well. Unfortunetly, now it's a little big more complicated :)

  5. now that makes a wonderful saturday morning routine! i love to see these kind of posts! it is like we can walk with you! :) have a lovely day!

  6. Love it! Brings me so much joy just to think of going to markets (especially in Berlin!) on the weekends.... One of life's greatest pleasures! Hi from Gothenburg... :)

  7. Das ist wunderschön, wenn man einen Markt ganz in der Nähe hat. Ich muss ca. 20 Minuten fahren, bis ich am Markt bin und war schon längere Zeit nicht mehr am Samstag dort - da gibt es dann einen Bauernmarkt. Vielleicht nächste Woche?

  8. Although I'm a countryside girl, food markets are one of the reasons I'd love to live in a bigger town. I would probably go there every weekend even if I weren't going to buy anything. Gorgeous pictures!

    p.s. Coffee seems really affordable there! It's way more expensive here! :/

  9. Hi Sandra,
    that sounds great and it's my traditional Saturday here in London, too. And Sunday, for that matter. Saturday: quick cycle to Broadway Market, stroll, try on vintage clothes, buy a coffee, waste some time, bump into friends, get lunch from one of the many stalls (Mexican or Persian preferably) and then sit in London Fields to eat it (if there is sunshine).
    Where I live, there is a new market now which is only just growing, on Chatsworth Road in Clapton. It is wonderful and today I bought a lovely vintage silk jacket, haggled down to the minimum.

    What do you do with humus, eggs & coriander? Eat them all together?
    And: which markets do you like best in Berlin?

    I love your website and your photos, fellow IG lady.
    Love xx

  10. oh my. they look so good this time of year. all colourful with cold-weather vegetables. i miss this very much now that we're here in sweden... so i hope you enjoy it extra much for me! ♥


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