Morran in my heart

I am so grateful that I got some years together with Morran who was always a very special dog. Can't believe she is gone. The picture above is from this Summer when she visited me with Camilla and Ingvar here in Berlin, when we had a very happy moment on an old airfield. Camilla, jag är så ledsen för din skull.


  1. so sad...so so sad!!!:(
    but the picture above is great...so thats like she will live in the hearts forever!!!
    cutest little dog! ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. I am so very sorry to here this.

  3. oh i am so sad! i was following the illustrations for the morran book, didn't have any idea about morran being sick :( this is so sad... i cannot even bear the thought of losing my dog, they are such good friends... we are all a family with our mr kobe! so sorry to hear about this... :(

  4. Sorry you have lost your little friend. Hold on to the happy memories.

  5. oh, i'm so sorry to hear about morran. :(

  6. This really makes me sad.
    I always enjoy watching her in all those lovely photos and can't believe she left so suddenly...:(

  7. i am also sad.i watched all camillas blogs and loved morran in there everywhere..it was like i know this dog.pity-but she has jad a wonderful life and chief friend (camilla)



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