Reasons to celebrate

22 years ago the Berlin Wall fell.
Today I took a walk which was not possible to take for decades.

Also, 2.5 years ago I got married to Johan.


  1. GRATULIEREN! Definitely good reasons to celebrate! Lots of love to you, Johan and Berlin today x

  2. Oh what wonderful pictures! Berlin is one of my favorite, perhaps THE favorite, cities in the world.

  3. such beautiful November images Sandra, I can literally feel the days and the weather with this fog. I remember when the wall came down and I was sitting in front of the TV watching it as a kid not really getting what it means. It was an incredible thing...It is morning here in Sydney and already 27C and tropical humid. Have a good night <3

  4. I was nine when the Wall came down and I watched it on TV. It was the first time I felt connected to the world outside my own little childish universe.

    And happy 2.5 years to you and Johan!

  5. Hej. din blogg är så underbar. den var underbar redan innan du flytta till berlin men nu är den extra super. Hej då. Sara

  6. I'm daily reminded of that fact, when I was in Berlin I made a picture of me standing on the place of the wall, I made a print of it and wrote on it 'walls can be broken down'it's now hanging in my livingroom.
    I absolutely love the atmosphere of these photos!

  7. Hey, congratulations! Both to Berlin and you two. :)

    Our yellow leaves are long gone, but we have had a lot of that same fog here lately.

    I'm not sure if I've ever left a comment before, but I have been visiting every now and then. It's been fun to see that some of your favorite Swedish foods are in fact the same we often have here in Finland. Like nordic herring, yummy... :D

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M&ob=av2n

  9. Alles Gute für Euch beide in der neuen Stadt. Immer noch neu, nach so vielen Jahren! ; )
    Du fängst so viel Schönes mit Deinen Fotos ein, danke.

  10. i remember watching this on the news even though i was little and this seemed like a world so far away i remember clearly. your walk looks lovely a touching way to mark this day. your words made me fell sad and happy all at once.
    congratulations on your 2.5 wedding date. we are 1 year this weekend!! : ) x

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    I remember that day so well, the 9th of November 1989. I was visiting a friend in London and that night I met this English guy who was going to be my love for the next seven years. At the time I could not believe that the wall was really coming down (as a Western German that somehow seemed inconceivable to me) and I made a bet with him that it was not going to happen. Of course he had already watched the news and I promptly lost the bet. And gained a boyfriend :) Cannot believe that all this happened 22 years ago. Wow. Oh, and the photos are lovely, even on a gray November day I heart Berlin :)

  12. mina fina. kommer och spökar med er!

  13. Great reasons to celebrate.
    I celebrate too, but one day later - on 10th November. The Berlin Wall fell evoked so much changes in Bulgaria. And I am so grateful about that.
    Happy (belated) Anniversary, Sandra!

  14. Vackra vackra bilder! Tänker på Berlin och allt tufft staden fått utstå. Och grattis till er!

  15. olé!
    it is always good to celebrate
    and you have very good reasons!

  16. Happy 2.5 year anniversary! Also, I love these photos!

  17. Time really goes by too fast! :)

    Happy anniversary, Sandra!

  18. Hab vor einigen Jahren in Berlin gewohnt, und durch deine Bilder habe mich an einer der schönsten Zeiten meines Lebens erinnert...
    Danke für den Post! :)


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