Thick Worms

Two pairs of thick Wrist Worms are available in the shop, category Thick Wrist Worms. I've fallen in love with both of these yarn qualities, the light grey pair is so amazingly soft (80% alpaca) and the darker grey pair looks just so great together with so many outfits. Will make more of these very soon.


  1. It is finally getting a little bit colder here, though the winter still needs to make an entrance. On long walks your Worms still keep me warm.

    Have a good Monday Sandra, with lots of tea and a little bit of coffee too (:

  2. Anna Emilia > thank you dear, i just enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea :) so glad you take the worms out for a walk, knowing they are loved always makes me happy.

  3. Lovely!! One question: Do you knit or crochet your wrist worms?

  4. These are wonderful Sandra, if it would only be Winter here in Sydney....will get 28C today it seems...hope you are well

  5. It's getting to be that time of year again...Love these!

  6. that´s a really good way to celebrate, to make a walk. and beautiful photos you took once again.
    happy anniversary for Berlin and you two!

  7. hihi* looks like i made my comment on another post what i ment, but ya ya yaa, you got it;)


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