Food memories from 2011, Part II

Halloumi snack, one of my favourite fast food dishes.

Lunch at a hummus place, yum.

Breakfast on the balcony together with Johan and my parents.

Always in the kitchen - a bunch of eggs.

My sister, Janne and I cooked for Johan one afternoon. Salad!

Lunch at a great Chinese restaurant in Potsdam.

Strawberries and sparkling wine on the balcony on a hot Summer day.

A mix of whatever was in the fridge. That goat cheese was to die for.

Halloumi plate, I have to have it soon again!

Omelette with some German ham/cheese-thing that tasted very artificial - it looked great though.

Greek salad.

Caesar salad.

Another halloumi plate. Can't get enough of it.

Camilla, Ingvar and Morran came for a visit and we had lots of great food together.

Breakfast for two on a super hot Summer day.

Cheese doodles from the Swedish candy store.

My favourite smoothie, recipe for 2:
1 banana
4 dl neutral yogurt
2 dl rasperries
2 dl orange juice
Mix it, pour it in 2 glasses and drink it together with someone you like or half the recipe and have it all for yourself.

Favourite salad: Fried halloumi, strawberries, basil, chili & olive oil.

A great Korean salad I had at a restaurant.


  1. Where can I get these Halloumi plates in Berlin?! Thanks -pia

  2. Pia > go to any döner/schawarma place :)

  3. mmmm....! have to have cheese now! :)

  4. since you have tried so many, what's your favourite halloumi/falafel place in berlin?

  5. I want that Korean salad, right now! :)

  6. Åh väskan på den övre bilden! Jag har en likadan men med katter som jag fick av min kompis från tyskland! FIN!

  7. Gah! Nej jag blev inte hungrig nu, inte alls…. :) Dags att göra fetaostomelett med bladspenat och parmaskinka. Den du! Gott nytt matår på dig Sandra.

  8. hmmmm sooo lecker :) happy new year to you dear Sandra. A big hug from me to you (we should have hummus together one day, Will is an amazing hummus maker)

  9. Hi Sandra, Happy New Year! Could you please, please, please tell the name of the place where YOU got the halloumi plates? And what is the hummus place? I am going to Berlin soon and I would love to have a plate like this, it looks super delicious!

  10. Hey Sandra,

    I remember you wrote that you started to eat more eggs when you found out that it is OK.
    Can you tell me some info?
    I have some discussions about it with my husband, he can't eat eggs because of the cholesterol etc.

  11. Wow! I definitely have to try the halloumi-strawberry salad! Yum! :)

  12. This all looks so good!

    I'm hungry now :)

  13. Everything looks yummy! :)
    Korean salad is called japchae, one of my favorite things to eat.

  14. Haloumi is the king of cheeses! We grew up calling it "squeaky cheese" because of its funny texture when you chew it.

    What a delicious year :)

  15. Hhhmmm. I love Cheese doodles. Every time I am in Sweden I eat some.
    Happy new year! :)

  16. I always get so hungry looking at your blog!! Yum!

  17. You have the cruelest blog ever, Sandra, but I wish you a happy 2012 anyway! :)

    p.s.: ha, those cheese doodles are very similar to smoki, a famous party snack in my country that we grow up with, just that they are with peanuts. They are still the best!

  18. I just finished eating but..... yum yum....

  19. I would love a halloumi plate, bitte!!!!


  20. YUM! Okay, I am seriously craving some halloumi now. :) Are there good places to get such enticing-looking halloumi plates in Gothenburg??


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