Food Memories from 2011, Part III

On a hot Summer day I rode my bike to another neighbourhood and had sushi and wine for lunch together with Johan.

Typical at-home-lunch: eggs, cottage cheese, herring, salad etc.

Another typical at-home-lunch made of left-overs.

Pasta with fresh chanterelles and lots of parmesan cheese.

Pasta with salad, mozzarella cheese, cucumber, olives, a creamy sauce and Johan's home made bread.

Angry face, sushi dinner.

Home made pizza with feta cheese, mushrooms, ham and fresh oregano.

Potato salad, "Gubbröra"-style.

Breakfast at a café.

Soup made of potatoes and leek (and too much olive oil) + knäckebröd with cottage cheese and tomato, I love to have this for lunch.

What is your favourite lunch food?


  1. Lately, my favourite lunch food is a BLT with turkey bacon - it's delicious, but doesn't feel as greasy as a BLT with real bacon!

    Today I'm having a lunch much like your at-home lunches. You've reminded me I have cottage cheese in my fridge!

  2. MMm! Looks DELISH! My favourite lunch food, and in fact, food in general is now eggs ... after a lifetime of not eating them (actual phobia!) I started craving them, and now it's all I can think about. Really... it's eggs, eggs, eggs! And what I can eat eggs with! (everything-hehe)...

    ...looking at your year in food is driving me crazy. I have run out, you see, and won't have any until a day or two from now. How ever will I cope?!

    Beautiful photos, as always :) xo

  3. My favourite hasn't a name , it 's made with left-overs , so it's always different and sometimes better than others !

  4. das sushi vom ersten bild ist aus kreuzberg an der kreuzung! köstlich!
    ich liebe deine blog, sandra!

  5. Mmmmm your food posts always make me hungry! :D

    The best lunch is the one you have with the person you love, of course. But beside that I adore couscous or basmati rice with a souce made of chicken, yogurt, curry, celery, carrots and other stuff. So yummy!

    In case you want the recipe, don't hesitate to contact me. ;)

  6. your fault I need to cook, starting now ;-) favourite lunch? these days, some spicy or creamy soup from leftovers.

  7. mmmm it's lunchtime here and you have made me turn into a pavlov dog!

  8. ha! foremost i get very jealous and hungry from all these delicious lunches and breakfasts that you are posting! you inspire me to really for once get more creative about my daytime foods! love these posts...

  9. My favorite lunch food = anything that has a lot of prosciutto in it.

  10. i love having a toasted bagel with cucumbers (and mayo!) and salad or fruit. pretty boring, and after seeing these posts i'm gonna have to amp it up, i think. :)

  11. Oh the spirit of joy and abundance in your food pictures! Love them!
    I eat chapati (a whole wheat flat bread) and vegetable curry for lunch. Keeps me from snacking.

  12. Why oh WHY aren't you writing and photographing a cookbook? I'd buy it in a second!

    But to your question: my favorite lunch food is actually breakfast: Filipino garlic rice and scrambled eggs, or leftover fritatta, or grits with butter, cheese and Tabasco. :)

  13. spaghettini aglio olio e peperoncino!

  14. Oh, das sieht aber alles sehr lecker aus! Besonders das zweite Bild spricht mich spontan gerade sehr an!
    Dir noch einen schönen Tag. Liebe Grüße allesistgut :)

  15. Johan makes his own bead? Fabulous!

  16. It looks sooooo good, almost unbearable!

  17. everything looks delicious and colorful, as usual. can i ask how much eating out in berlin costs? you mentioned before that it's inexpensive compared to sweden. how much would it be for one person typically (for european and asian meals)?

  18. marzipan > google restaurants in berlin and look at their menus :)

  19. Two of my regular lunches are eggs, cottage cheese, herring in dill, and salad; and leek and potato soup - it's so easy to make, so we always do a great big batch that lasts us a while.

    I love your food posts!

    - Lois x


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