Food memories from 2011, Part V

Pasta with tomato sauce, Johan surprised me with lunch on the balcony.

A perfect breakfast; cheeses, eggs, cake.

Another breakfast; nectarine and knäckebröd with cottage cheese + a glass of water.

In August my sister and her kids came to visit Berlin. We had burgers and fries by the river Spree.

Typical salad at home.

A picnic in a nearby park; chicken, mozzarella, salad and beer.

Johan made pizza, he's so good at it!

Lunch in my studio; eggs, salad, parmesan cheese and lachsschinken.

Birthday celebrations in the morning of my niece Alice's 8th birthday.

Birthday party at a restaurant, I always eat the same there - warm goat cheese salad with bacon and a cosmopolitan.

Johan-made pasta carbonara.

Breakfast with the younger ladies of my family + Johan on an August morning.

All of a sudden it was the end of September and we were in Turkey. What did I eat during September? I have no idea...! There are no pictures to remind me.

Breakfast plate in Turkey.

So, 3 more parts of 2011 food memories to come!


  1. Oh no, I wish I hadn't opened your blog! It's only 11.15am, I'm bored and hungover at my desk at work and now I'm starving!! Yummy pictures of yummy food... ~ Sara

  2. Sara > haha, it's the same here - i have to go out for a pizza after making this post! hope you'll have something good for lunch :)

  3. Hej Sandra.

    Wo befidnet sich das Restaurant, wo du immer den "warm goat cheese salad + Cosmopolitan" zu dir nimmst?
    Ist das auch in Berlin?

    Ich liebe Deine Food-Fotos. Inspiriert mich dazu, auch mehr in die Richtung zu machen.

    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

  4. Im on my way for a blood test and I cannot eat!!!! Life is so cruel sometimes :)

  5. Your food pictures overflow with the spirit of joy, colour and abundance. That is why I like them so much. Also your food pictures never descend into food porn. I think it is the way you view food. Your pictures are a hymn of praise. Love looking at them.

  6. Your food styling is great, and the color!!

  7. Mmmmh, mir rinnt das Wasser im Mund zusammen :)

  8. Sandra! I bought halloumi the other day because you've inspired me to make a halloumi plate! ;D

    mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Even though I've just eaten I am now so hungry!


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