Food memories from 2011, Part VI

October started with a few days in Turkey.

Back at home it was time for a pasta carbonara.

And artichokes.

Yogurt, raspberries and müsli at a café across the street.

Last meal outdoors, wantansoup! Yum.

Spinach soup and Johan's home made bread for lunch.

After 10 months in Berlin I finally found the shrimps I've been craving!

Spinach/coconut soup and banana bread at a café.

A brunch which included beer, vodka and snus.

Lunch with Johan on a long-walk-day.

November and December coming soon!


  1. Do those shrimp have the eggs tucked near their legs? That freaked me out when I first saw them in Denmark. The shrimp (or prawns) that you get here in Australia don't' have them!!

  2. Today I viewed your blog, and this food post, after my lunch! So I wasn't as starved as yesterday, but nevertheless, so inspired by your yummy food! And the brunch in the penultimate photo, is it from Gorky Park? When I went to Berlin in November we had an amazing brunch there! ~ Sara

  3. I made spinach soup recently and it fast became one of my favourites. I too put an egg on the top (it was a poached egg - yum!). Spinach and coconut sounds interesting as well.

  4. Thank you for your beautiful posts, your blog is so insightful. It makes me want to visit Berlin! I wonder what kind of camera bag you use on a daily basis? I'm a photographer too and I find my camera bag to be so bulky.


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