Last Sunday

Last Sunday was flea market day, I fell in love with the heads in the first picture but didn't buy. So far I have only purchased 1 Donald Duck magazine in German at the flea markets, in a whole year! Have had other priorities...


  1. i just love your photos, you always travel me to the places you visit!

  2. I saw you with Johan in flea market of Boxhagerner Platz. I wanted say "hi", but I was too shy...

    You live in a wonderful place!

    1. would have been so fun to say hi to you liivia, next time! welcome back to berlin, the pictures you've posted so far are gorgeous!

  3. I love the new header! very very cool!

  4. Love the new design (wasn't expecting it and thought my blog roll link had suddenly gone wrong for a second!). I've just booked my second trip to Berlin. It's years since I came and I'm so excited to go to the fleas. I wonder which one is your favourite?

  5. oh WOW. your blog looks very good! i especially like the way your name is up there above.
    very clear and good looking lay out in every page. (is lay out the right word? i think so..)

    ps. i once made a doll head like that in the first photo. it was suppose to become a doll, but i didn´t have patience any further. so i had just the head on the shelf for 10 years;)

  6. Hey Sandra, I like your new blogstyle, lookin' gooooood!

  7. Wow, it's good You can control Yourself! I always go crazy in hunting amock and buying loads of stuff. They're smiling too nice to me...

  8. Hehe, I had a flat once in this house :)


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