Where I spend most of my time

1. At home.
2. At my favourite coffee place.
3. In the bar where Johan is working.

That is when I'm not out walking.


  1. Everything looks so cozy! The building in the first photo is magnificent. There's something so regal about old buildings that stand through the course of time.

  2. I got my wrist worms today, I went really fast with the mail and they are lovely!

  3. I love these a lot. They do look cosy!

  4. amazing places... like inês said everything looks really cozy. so berlin! :)

  5. Hello,
    I come in Berlin in March and I like all the photos of your places "café" in your blog.
    Can you tell me few adresses of this places. I'll spend just 4 days in Berlin and want to go directly in the best places
    thank you very much

  6. Hi Sandra!
    I was thinking...is there some post where you referred to the names of nice coffe places/restaurantes etc? Of course I am asking because I will be travelling to Berlin and would like to visit some of these beautiful places!

  7. studio nord, Ana M > I receive this question every day, so at the moment I'm working on a huge PDF guide that I will list in my shop as soon as it's finished. Don't have time to make individual guides, it would be a full-time work for me, thanks for understanding and welcome to Berlin!!!

  8. Wie unheimlich.
    The first picture shows my appartment.
    Little blue framed window belongs to the toilet, the one with the red curtain: bathroom/kitchen.
    Small world.

  9. Can't wait to visit Berlin in April!!!!
    Yippeee! :D


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