14 months

Yesterday it was 14 months ago since I moved into my Berlin apartment. Time flies! This last few months have been strange ones and I started to feel a bit down, but the mini vacation last weekend took me up again. I'm working day and night on the Berlin Guide PDF, have over 600 photos to choose from (the guide will be massive, mostly about restaurants/cafés/bars, can't say when it is finished because I don't know it myself). Going through my photo archives I saw that I didn't go outside of my neighbourhood many times lately so NO wonder I started questioning my love for Berlin*. Now we've fallen back in love again and there is a Spring coming soon!

*A friend of mine told me everyone in Berlin question their love for the city at the end of February, but in my case it didn't have much to do with the season but the fact that I didn't see new things in a long time. But of course I look forward to Spring because I LOVE sitting outdoors drinking beer or coffee. And I love the change of seasons.


  1. Ja, manchmal tut ein kleiner Tapetenwechsel sehr gut. :)

  2. at the end of february you question your love for everything.
    at the end of february i question my love for myself too haha and i live by the sea and have two dogs and a great boyfriend, so there you go..(mentioning these facts without any egocentric purpose)

  3. Someone once told me, that the most suicides happen at the beginning of spring. Because the new season gives you new energy and makes you doubt less, it makes you finally take a certain decision. This can make you decide to do something negative too. It's strange when you think about it.

    But let's keep things happy! It means you really enjoy living in Berlin because time goes fast. :)
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Also ich muss sagen, dass ich den schlimmen Winter in Berlin sehr mag. Natürlich freut man sich auf den Frühling, denn Berlin ist im Januar und Februar einfach nur grau, öde und abschreckend. Aber genau das gehört zu Berlin und genau das erzeugt so eine tragische, melancholische Stimmung, die man auch irgendwie genießen kann. Weil das AUCH Berlin ist. Auf jeden Fall freue ich mich, dass du die Liebe zur Stadt wiederentdeckt hast:
    Wir sind gerade von Wedding nach Wilmersdorf gezogen und haben auch gerade viel zu entdecken.:)

    1. i agree with you, i was only visiting berlin during the winter months before i moved here and i think it really IS my berlin. it's not berlin's fault that i felt like this, it's myself who didn't go outside my neighbourhood many times enough for such a long time (and it happened to be winter time). i don't like people complaining about the weather/seasons, because there's nothing you can do about it!

  5. winter in Berlin is the hardest to go through. though I know exactly what to expect, it catches me. always. none of the cities I have lived in, make it that tough from january to march. no matter what. it will be brighter within in a couple of weeks, but you know that already. grettings from the studio.

  6. spring is the best thing to happen soon! i also like season changes, it´s really great. and every season has it´s own energy. and spring is FULL of energy, jey!

  7. That's life in the big city. I suspect that everyone who lives in a metropolis like Berlin or New York feels like this :)

  8. i can't believe it's been a year, i remember when you had just found the apartment. i am so happy the snow is finally gone, too, Sandra. excited for spring and for your Berlin guide, whenever you finish it. You are so sweet to do it and your images are just so inspiring. I miss Europe so much and wish I could live there so it always makes my day to see your photos. cheers.

  9. 14 months full of adventures, experiences, learning, changing and loving.
    Wish you a real happy next month! My last post was about seasons so in my opinion I think that your feelings 'has' to do also with the season. You definetly WILL see it in a way new! From a different persepective, with different light, different smell and you will also be different after these new months.

    take care.

  10. Oh dear S, I'm glad you're feeling happier now!
    I can't believe I will be there this time next month! :O

    Time does fly, doesn't it? xoxo

  11. Hello, I just love your blogg and I am looking forward to the Berlin guide;)) Regards from Norway and Wilhelmine

  12. Hope your Berlin guide will be ready by July. We're going there and would love to find out all the great places to eat!

  13. Be strong. I have the feeling you are very talented and very sensitive person. It happens when someone try to search something deep in himself. Be happy and enjoy this beautiful city.

  14. i am so excited for your berlin guide! my friend and i are going to prague, hopefully in the fall, and i REALLY want to go to berlin, too. i've always been interested, but your blog has made me fall in love with it.

  15. Unfortunately, this is so typical about Berlin. I moved here 3 years ago and the love for this place was so big. Then after a year I landed back in reality and learnt a few things the hard way: 1. A city is just an address. 2. You have to get out of your kiez! 3. After a while not even Berlin is able to live up to these great expectations. What they say is that it's normal after about 2 years to start wondering... Either you love it or you start to resent it. Someday you'll just now that you have to leave. But it's very hard to let go of Berlin, that's for sure.


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