Mini vacation

Today Johan and I bought day passes and went around in the western parts of Berlin to see something new. It was so well needed, haven't been doing that for quite some time now. It was a day for the first outdoor beer and I found the candleholder of my dreams (last picture). Didn't dare to ask for the price though.

A mini vacation or maybe I should just call it the Sunday I plan to have more of.
What did you do today that was special?


  1. When I saw 'Reeperbahn' I thought you were in Hamburg :)) Silly me!

  2. Just work :( all day long... so I envy you quite a lot!

    1. hope you get some time off soon. i haven't been able to relax in a very long time and now i feel inspired again :)

  3. Looks like a lovely mini vacation. My boyfriend and I went for a walk in the rain to buy some art supplies and stopped for some coffee on the way home. It definitely wasn't weather for outside beer here today!

  4. i need to do this in my hometown of nyc more - explore new neighborhoods. today i made caramel sauce for the first time and didn't burn it, so that was special.

  5. Today I discovered a new part of Stockholm, the island Längholmen and I had a beer in Gamla Stan! I'm there for 6 months actually! Since a quite long time now, you inspire me and make me more and more curious about Sweden, I love your work!

  6. oh wow, looks wonderful, bet u had nice time.
    I really like painting on first photo and that barbie dolls are quite bizarre, but I like it :)

  7. Nice day! Where was the first photo painting? I was home all day today, I enjoyed cuddles and will soon read two of my favoourites interior design magazines from the Netherlands, so There are still nice things ahead. That candle stick was simply great, maybe it did not cost too much ;-)

  8. Hi Sandra, I first thought you went to Hamburg! (Reeperbahn)

    I've been thinking about you and your fika's pictures today because I served (for first time) home made hot chocolate to my sons, with a leaf drawing in the milk.
    All the best to you and your husband for this new week!

  9. Hello Sandra,
    I've cleaned up the balcony... ready to take the first coffee outside!

    Greetings from the Eisenbach, Hamburg. Ariane.

  10. I went to visit my aunt, who is celebrating her 85th birthday tomorrow. She was happy to see us and we were happy that we took the time to go see her!

  11. looks like a wonderful escape for a sunday! and the cake must have been delicious!!

  12. It is really fun to read your blog and see pictures of Berlin, while I am here in Tokyo !
    I might feel a little homesick ("home" being Europe) though...

    Thank you for your nice blog !

  13. Mini vacations are best of all for a recharge. Thanks for super mini detour photographic style. A little holiday I am craving...

  14. Hej Sandra, I just recently discovered your blog and enjoy it a lot. Great pictures! It seems that you had a very relaxing and exciting day. And you had much better weather than we had in Southern Germany.

  15. i did the same, only in tel-aviv :) i love your blog!

  16. Hi Sandra,
    Just found your blog via woodwoolstool.blogspot. Love it, great pictures. Very inspirational, thanks!
    And I recognized the candleholder: I have two which look just like this one (bird has another position but same size). I was told they were replica's of old ones. They cost about 90 euro's here in the Netherlands (still a lot of money - luckily mine were a present for my wedding!).

  17. Who is the artist of the painting shown in the first photograph? Amazing...


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