A week off

My week off turned into more than one week, well needed. I didn't touch my computer for ten days and my camera didn't get much to do either. My mum and sister were here and we ate amazing food and drank lots of wine. Last picture is taken by mum.

This week is deadline week but I'll try to remember my blog, see you!


  1. are these cocktail sunglasses for real?!?!??! i love them!

  2. Beautiful pictures!, have a lovely week!.

  3. So eine gute Woche! Ich konnte es ja auch auf Instagram mitverfolgen... schön, wenn man so lieben Besuch bekommt :)

  4. cocktail glasses!! amazing.
    looks and sounds like a great week.

  5. ahh sounds like the perfect family catch up break. nice to see you back here though : )
    love those crazy glasses and the larger butt-crack character, he is brilliant! x

  6. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. And as much as we all love our cameras and capturing moments, as well as keeping in touch with everything online, those breaks are much needed and are so good for us. I'm glad your resting time was so well enjoyed.

  7. morsan kan hon med! och cocktail glasögonen... wow! kram!

  8. that photo with peonies and your sister look like an old painting... so nice
    always find your blog so ispiring

  9. oh sandra your tables with food always have me... you have the most delicious meals ever!!!!

  10. Cheese and strawberries - two of my most favourite things! The strawberries in Europe are way better than any where else in the world. It's always a blessing to visit Europe during strawberry season, especially with those sweet little strawberry shops you have around Berlin.



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