4 pictures of a 33.5 year old

This is me looking as a serious author.

Elisabeth posted a thing about showing yourself on your blog (read it here) and I agree with her when she writes about being more interested in/feel more connected to a blog if you know the author behind it. I don't post pictures of myself very often, simply because I'm the person behind the camera.

The more personal a blog is, the more I kind of "expect" to see the person behind it. If the blog itself is very anonymous I think differently, but still I am always very curious of who I am connecting with.

This is me looking very cool (note: I'm being ironic).

There's (in my opinion) nothing cool about looking grumpy, mean, unsympathetic, ignorant. I am trying to smile more in pictures instead of looking too serious, pictures of people looking content with themselves inspire me much more.

This is better, but I still need to practise!

Then again, you don't have to show your face if you don't want to. Of course!
For me it's a bit like talking to a stranger on the phone (a tiny phobia of mine) though or meeting someone for the first time and they wear sunglasses so I can't see their eyes.

Any thoughts about this?

Pictures taken by Johan


  1. I love the black and white portraits of you. They look very honest. And I totally agree with you on the personal - relate to the person behind the blog - stuff. When I spoke at The Hive blogger conference in Berlin this was actually an important part of my keynote. It was greg to see some photos of you!

  2. "The more personal a blog is, the more I kind of "expect" to see the person behind it." - I couldn't agree more!
    and there is one more thing. if I read/watch someone's blog for a certain time, we exchange comments, facebook messages etc, I'd love to meet them in real life (if we're from the same city - drink coffee/beer etc, if not - hell yeah, roadtrip! :D) - and I have this luck, that all the people I met online through blogs, are nice, funny and sweet 'offline' as well :)
    xo from poland!
    ps. i adore your glasses!
    ps. i think you should visit warsaw. as i watch your blog, i think you should like the streets, architecture, the handmade shops, the cafes. highly recommended! :)

  3. first of all i think you look a lot younger than 33,5. seriously! and i love your glasses.

    while i enjoy blogs that are very personal (with pictures of the authors and/or the authors' family) it would simply not feel right for my own blog. i think i just don't want anyone reading my blog to know my face... i already give so much away about myself on my blog.

    not knowing the face behind the blog can also be something mysterious, like having a penpal and wondering what they would look like. :)

  4. Hi pretty lady. I feel like you but still I can´t bring myself to post pictures of me. Working up the courage though. Schönen Freitag!

  5. Your hair has grown so much since I first started reading your blog!

    I agree with you on that subject, it's nice to know who you're dealing with ;)

  6. This made me realize that I haven't posted ANY picture of myself on my blog. Apart from the picture that goes with my bio...I'll try and change that today :-)

    Great photo's btw!

  7. Nice to hear I'm not alone with my phone phobia :) I always love your portraits (and your glasses!!!) and that you don't post them too often. Though I love to know how's behind a blog, I can't stand self-obsessed people.

  8. I love your glasses and your hair is so pretty.

    I like seeing the faces of bloggers but it's not necessary. What I don't like is when a blogger deliberately hides themselves. I used to do that because I hate photos of myself but I stopped when I realized how annoying it was to me.

  9. Sandra you look lovely and one can see that Johan puts a lot of love in the pictures. Because I do not comment so often I have to tell you that you are my hero for the way you took your time with the house in Berlin and did not force anything in the renovations. For me all your pictures are a proof that one can live a slow paced bohemian life; we are after all creatures of simple needs as long as we live gracefully and surrounded by beauty.

  10. sandra, i love this post! i agree with all your points. i have a phobia of talking to strangers on phones too, i can see why a personal blog without info about the blogger would be like that.
    and you're so photogenic, unlike me, which is why i'm usually hiding behind the camera. ;)
    lovely photos!

  11. you're serious, funny, cute and pretty!
    and about the previous post;
    wearing pink shoes is a good way the walk your way :)
    i'm really in love with the double yarn wrist worms of your new collection.
    but first things first, summer has not even started yet.
    happy weekend

  12. yes i think it's good to have an image from the person you follow.
    to have in mind who is talking to you, how they look e.t.c.

    this goes to me too :) i haven't posted any fotos of me in my blog... do feet or hand count too haha :)

    have a nice weekend!

    p.s. your hair are lovely & their color too!

  13. I often would like to know how the author looks like. But only in a very casual way, him/her being part of one of the stories they are telling, of the places they're visiting, emotionally connected somehow. The "I take pictures of me everyday" kind of blog, not my cup of tea anyway. I really like the posts where you showed you hairstyle changes thru the years. Those were fun and interesting. Anyway it is always nice to see you Miss Juto. Happy Friday :)

  14. I think is good to see who is behind the blog, but in little portions, I don't like self-obsessed people, personally I don't like to show photos of me, so I don't know if I can do that, maybe one day, love your style and your glasses, have a great weekend!.

  15. You know I love seeing your amazing face- radiant like your photos, and that gorgeous hair! I'm so glad you let the natural color come through- I'm older than you- 60 - and I always wish I could wave a magic wand over young women: "love your youth!!!- never criticize yourself!"

  16. I agree that you feel more connected to a blog when you can see who is writing it, but I just personally don't feel comfortable always being in front of the camera. I'd rather people be inspired by the pictures I take than by seeing my face. I also understand your dislike about talking to people on the phone...I hate it too.

  17. Hence, one of the many reasons I don't blog. ;^)
    I'm not "hiding" but with a lifetime of erroneous
    assumptions and insult based solely on the look
    of my face, why would I want to risk the possibility
    of more of that from the internet? It's stupid and
    tiresome but there it is.

  18. I'm happy to see your face. I'm not really good in english and sometime I feel lost when I read some blogs. I can't understand and I do not have a smile which I attach.
    Your smile is beautiful.

  19. Underbart att se dig Sandra :) Mer Sandra tack!

  20. oh, i know what you mean about meeting someone for the first time and they've got sunglasses on - i used to work at a bank, and it drove me NUTS that people would wear them when we were talking (not just for security issues, but c'mon, you're so cool you need to wear sunglasses inside? all the time??). it makes you feel awkward!

    ANYWAY. i love these shots of you! i know what you mean, being the photographer means you're behind the lens, not in front of it...it's so hard to think of focusing on yourself as a photo subject! but i really like these shots, and you've inspired me to post a self-portrait on my own blog, too. you're right: i really do identify more with people who post shots of themselves on their blogs...it makes them more relate-able. which is something that is never bad in blogland! :)

  21. ps. i really, REALLY love your glasses...who makes them? :)

  22. hej!! fin tycker jag. minns knappt dina tidigare glasögon nu, de där är som gjorda för dig! tycker du varit extreeemt modig med att även visa gammelgamla bilder av dej själv dessutom. sånt är mkt kul och generöst! tack! kram!

  23. a beautiful post you should ware you hair loose, why not!

  24. The frowny face rocks... It's way too darling.

    Also, the graffiti and the lush, lush scarf (!!!) in the frowny face photo are fantastic! I love the greens and blues in the graffiti.

    The other photos are also very nice.

    Have a good day.

  25. So nice to meet you!
    I pictured you with a dark angular bob...weird, right?

  26. I wish i had more photos of myself! not just for the blog - there are so many periods of my life where there are no photos of me! Have to give D a camera

  27. Oh ! I'm so glad to see you, to discover so nice hairs and a so beautiful girl !!!

  28. I love your hair color but I am biased because my daughter has the same hair color! So beautiful!

  29. hello sandra. and such a beautiful face to share with us too. great photos johan!
    whether through photos or written expression it is the personality that shines through which i connect with via blogs. im drawn to happy, inspired people who are passionate about their 'thing'. ie you and photography. without seeing you i still get this from your blog. your eye's view is so inspiring.
    of course there is a curiosity to know who is behind what we see/read. for me that is all - curiosity. i don't need to know what you look like to feel connected. it might help if i bump into someone from online in real life though. they wouldn't pass by like a stranger : )

  30. a beautiful face indeed!
    always interesting to see who is there behind a blog.
    i sometimes post photos of myself, but usually with a camera in front, and for the same reason as you, i almost all the photos i post, and do not have many photos of me i haven't taken. plus, i prefer not to show myself that much.

  31. Always nice to see you, kompis, even with a frowny face!

  32. Hi Sandra! Nice to see you again...smiling that time! Completely ok with the smiling portraits! Actually unable (or not wanting to...) to show my face because too "jealous" about my private life , but not for people I appreciate or would like to know better. The only problem...you never know who could read your blog... an existential question on the net...
    Keep smiling, it's sweet!

  33. well i also agree with you on both things, i love to see who is blogging and i often don't appear on photos because i'm always the one taking the photos! and as elisabeth said on her post it's about being also personal when it comes to showing your face. some blogs are not personal at all, and even so i'm always curious about the person behind it. you are gorgeous and i'm always also curious about seeing you around your beautiful and charming city!

  34. I love your little smile. You are so lovely and have such a sweet face.

  35. I adore your hair! It's gorgeous.

    I dislike, quite a lot, having my photo taken, though I can definitely agree that seeing the face of the person behind the blog is beneficial. I also think that there's a balance that needs to be in place (depending on what kind of blog it is, of course!) between when to show your face and when not to. If it's a natural place to show your face, then, I more than support it. But if not, it starts to feel a little distracting from the other things that I'm following that blog for.

  36. Ei veldig kompleks og interessant problemstilling. Jeg har en blogg, og på en måte liker jeg å være litt anonym. Jeg liker at det er et sted hvor utseendet mitt ikke betyr noe, hvor det er interessene mine og tingene jeg liker som er i fokus. Samtidig er jeg enig. Det er interessant å se den som skriver, som fotograferer, som skaper kunst. Det er et vankelig spørsmål. Jeg har kommet frem til at jeg ikke vil ha profilbilde på bloggen min, men kanskje et innlegg som dette går an. :) Supert å se deg. Du ser glad ut. Det er bra! :)

  37. I did enjoy seeing photos of Sandra Juto for a change. Your photos are great, always, but I do like seeing the person behind the blog from time to time too.

  38. Hello, hello. Always nice to see you. And to see a face, I agree. I like to see a little of who I read, connect with, 'know', when I visit a blog. I show my own hands a fair deal, but not all that often my face. Oops. Hang on, looking over my recent posts, there I always am! Perhaps too often.

    Great glasses, by the way.

  39. I loved the see those pretty pictures of yours. I think from time to time it is great to also actually see the author behind a blog, especially if you follow it for a long time and get this strange feeling of actually knowing the other person... thanks for the pictures! loving your glasses!!

  40. I agree with the feeling connected thing - I never used to post pictures of myself on my blog because I'm not great at having my picture taken (especially if I have to ask), and my self-portraits were mostly of 'bits' of me (like my feet). I have started to post more and more pictures of myself because I want to get over this fear of feeling vain/silly when posing for a photo... I'm still mostly taking self-portraits though!

    I love these pictures of you Sandra, but I would still follow and love your blog if I had no idea what you look like. Your blog is so much more than that (plus not completely faceless because we have pictures of Johan to look at sometimes!).

    Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration :)

  41. Is great to see your face, Sandra. I feel like I've known you a long time. iIs good when we identify ourselves completely with those who we like to read. Nice to meet you.

  42. i find this idea very amusing! it was a funny coincidence that i posted my first "me" picture the same day elisabeth did the post (it was my birthday). but today i introduce myself, hi sandra! this is me: http://moshimoshiii.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/this-is-me.html


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