Let me take you to the food market

On Saturdays I love to get up early and hit the food market.

Berlin is a very green city during spring and summer, what a contrast to the winter.

Hello dog.

Having cheese soup (cheese, minced meat, leek) for breakfast.

This makes me happy!

No comment.

Going to the market for soup, orange juice and a coffee has become a Saturday tradition.

I forgot to buy flowers, maybe I'll go back later today for some.

These olives all look so good, I have to try those marinated in chili next time.

Wedding cake.

Johan with some of the things we bought.

Today's lunch will be a greek salad. Tomorrow it will be my favourite salad, the one with fried halloumi, chili, strawberries, basil and balsamico (see picture here).

Eggs. I love eggs.


  1. what a nice way to start a saturday ... to sad the next food market is kilometers away from my home ...

    love the sence of humour in thos pics+untertitles

    but should i send you some nice tote bags so you could do without those plastic bags? sorry, i'm a small plastic-nazi ;)


    1. haha! we always bring 4-5 tote bags, but today we forgot them :) i was happy the plastic bags were green and not red or orange though, hehe.

  2. 'have to admit that i have a love-hate relationship to those thin bags, cause i love its various folds in the light .. who doesn't since 'american beauty'?

  3. Det är en bra lördagssyssla det där med torghandel och kombinerad lunch/fika. Bor nära Västra torget i Jkpg och försöker alltid traska ner och kika lite på lördag. Alltid köpa färska blommor! Och ägg, det är viktigt. Då frå jag så härlig lördagskänsla.

    Fin lördag på dig Sandra!

  4. I love this blog more and more. Your putting a few words after each photo is superb. x

  5. Just clicked over to the photo of your assembled salad and that one might be my favorite of them all!

  6. I was so sure the last picture would be a dazzling meal prepared by Johan with all the things that both of you bought. Still I enjoyed this walk through the market with you. Thanks :)

  7. Such a beautiful Saturday ritual.
    I go to the market every Saturday too! And you know what? Today, I asked for halloumi cheese and one of the cheese vendors told me that the entire market is all out of halloumi. She said, "Everyone is waiting for a shipment from Cyprus, but we don't know when it's coming.". I said, "Oh! Halloumi could save Greece! Ship more halloumi to Canada! We'll pay for it!!!". ;P

  8. I wish we had a market place like yours! There is a _very_ small spot in the centre of our town for things like this, but no-one to sell anything except maybe a single booth once a week or once in two weeks. I'm kind of sorry for that.

    Speaking of eggs; I just saw in another blog how they had eaten an egg that was boiled in soy sauce! So funny, at first I thought it was a chocolate egg as it was brown, but then I read the capture. Not sure I would like it, though... :D

  9. i love farmer markets. we have actually decided with my dad to join our local one to sell our oranges and mandarins. really cant wait! that dog is so cute!

  10. I've always loved markets, since I was a little kid! There's something about them that makes me instantly happy! Amazing shots!

  11. I rarely manage to do any shopping there but I love the wochenmarkt at Maybachufer for a coffee and a dream now that the weather's ok! Would love to hear about the strawberry haloumi salad if you'd like to share ;)

    1. you find both recipe and link to a picture above :)

  12. Thk u for taking me to the food mkt!!! U had me completely with that title! Beautiful images and those olives...delicious

  13. oh yes, thank you! this was needed. a little virtual trip to Berlin food market. this is why i like blogs:)

  14. well i loved the walk, the dog, the olives, the flowers and your shoes... not sure if i could eat that soup as you described it, but who knows right? and i also love food markets! one of the things i love about living in this neighbourhood in lisbon is the local feeling. i leave the house with my wallet and i can buy everything i need on my street... well, clothings and electronics not considered here!


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