Monday & Tuesday in 17 pictures

I have started working on the new collection of Wrist Worms, they will be for sale in August or beginning of September. I'll keep you posted!

Tomato plants on the balcony.

Hello livingroom.

New shelves in my studio, time to get organized.

Yesterday I cooked for Johan and a friend.

This morning Johan was going to a meeting and I decided to join him for a walk.

Had a cortado and watched people passing by.

Hello man!

Hello green!

Hello Lenin!

Hello dog!

Hello bear!


If it wasn't for the early hour I would have wanted to sit down here and have a glass of wine.

Hello Spree!


My new shoes, I bought them in this crazy pink because if they'd been black I'd probably wear them all the time just because they are comfortable. My feet will be happy on my morning walks.


  1. Hello wrist worms! Hello S!

    What a great post! Too many wonderful photos I say! :)

  2. I really like smiling street looking at me as well as the person, who obviously has a huge tape excess!

  3. Das ist ein guter Grund, quietschpinke Schuhe zu kaufen. Ich wünsch dir schöne Spaziergänge damit :)

  4. aaah these photos are awesome! i love all the 'hello's you've got there, they made me giggle (hello lenin especially!). :) and i love your shoes!

  5. Hello Sandra!
    Hello sensible pink shoes!

  6. Lovely crochet, colorful tablecloths. Your sneaker philosophy is quite right, and this way you get the best of both worlds.

  7. so positive and inspiring pictures! actually as always:) Thank you Sandra! pink shoes rocks :)

  8. 'Hello Lenin' made me literally laugh out loud! x

  9. was für schöne fotos! der gedeckte tisch sieht nach einem netten essen aus! gruß von pink shoes zu pink shoes

  10. hello lenin made me l-o-l too. & i like the reasoning behind your shoes.

    what bridge is that in berlin? the sixth picture down? that you walked with johan on...

  11. Love these set of photos. And the shoes! Have been obsessed with bright sneakers lately!

  12. So viele, schöne Fotos. Tolle Morgenschuhe, übrigens! ;)

  13. My childhood plates!!!! Luv them. Br, Leena

  14. I love berlin's street art :D
    and those shoes!!

  15. Hi!

    I've been scrolling through a lot of pages on your blog today and it made me inspired and a lot happier than I was before. So thank you!

    Fast nu kom jag på att jag inte behöver skriva på engelska... Jag har varit på så dåligt humör i ett par veckor, så trött på att bo i Malmö i en lägenhet, trött på att vara trött på. Men när jag ser dina bilder känner jag att det faktiskt kan vara bra här också... Och jag blir sugen på att köpa ett par färgglada sköna skor (har ett par fula sköna gympaskor) som gör det roligare att gå ut och upptäcka stan, roliga detaljer, graffitti, vyer och så vidare. Gillar verkligen den där lilla roboten som sitter och har det skönt i solen :-) Den skulle passa bra i Daily dose of quirkiness på min blogg...

    Tack för inspirationen, nu börjar jag följa dig! :-)

  16. Great pic in your livingroom.
    I <3 D.L. and Twin Peaks


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