How I started the new week

Pictures from yesterday morning. I took a walk, had a cortado, took some pictures. That's how I like to start my days, it gives me so much energy to work the rest of the day/evening.

Time flies, I am a very busy bee the next couple of weeks. Will make sure not to forget about this space because it's also something that gives me energy and inspiration. See you!


  1. Morning walks really are the best way to start a day. Good luck with your busy time!

  2. wow, in diesem grünen hinterhof würde ich jetzt gern sitzen und kaffee trinken!

  3. What a nice way to start your day! Is the cortado from Galão café? Someone told me it's best coffee in town ;-) happy busy-bee-summer over there!

  4. How lovely Berlin is in the Summer!
    Busy is good, right?! ;)

    Miss you! xoxo

  5. nice selection. I've never heard of a cortado. the fire escape with the figure floating around is a bit eerie, but he looks amenable to being there.

  6. It all looks so serene and quiet, and beautiful.

  7. It's been awhile since I've gone through your blog and I find it so inspiring and refreshing each time I look at your pictures. You give me a moment to mentally escape my mundane 9-5pm office job. I just wanted to give YOU thanks for making my day interesting by sharing your pictures and experience.

  8. Those archways are gorgeous and I love that blue door.
    Your morning walks are a joy to everyone:)
    Good luck with your busy time!

  9. Beautiful pictures as always, thank you for sharing your images! :)


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