Back home in Berlin

Being home means taking care of the tomatoes on the balcony. When we were away our friend was babysitting them and did a great job.

Being home means going to the food market on Saturdays and bring home flowers.

Being home means to sit and read at the dining table.

Being home means you can buy 4 bouquets of flowers for the same price as you pay for 1 rose in Sweden.

Being home means you can take a picture of the great really old American glasses Johan thrifted in Sweden. Would look great as sunglasses!

Being home means admiring a necklace you got as a gift from your husband.

Being home means it's time to go to the photo shop and develop 2 rolls of film containing pictures of Sweden. I develop my films at FotoWerk.

Being away made me come back to my home and appreciate it more than ever.


  1. Wow, I didn't know flowers were so inexpensive in Berlin - or, rather, that they're so expensive in Sweden! I'm glad you had a good trip but also that it made you appreciate Berlin. It's always so nice to feel happy about where you live.

    1. It was funny, as we walked down the street on our way home a guy, sitting outside a café, yelled "Wow, where did you find those flowers? How much did you pay?" and he couldn't believe what he heard when we told him.

      Home = My apartment in this case :) Berlin has so far been appreciated every day (crazy!) since I moved here.

  2. welcome home, sandra!!!
    i love that you call germany/berlin your home.
    and by the way...your home is gorgeous!
    and that necklace you got from johan is...it is amazing and looks so "sandra"...:)
    have a great great week back in your lovely home!
    oh...and i´m excited to see more pictures of sweden!


    1. thank you!
      yes, wherever i live i call that place home. it always confuses me when people say "oh are you going home to sweden?" because it's not home to me anymore, but of course i understand how they mean it :)
      more sweden pics will come in a few weeks!

  3. This remind me of my mother in law when she lived many years ago in Germany, she too grow tomatoes in her balcony. I love this post, I didn't know how inexpensive are the flowers, that's grate!, and love the gift your husband gave you, very lovely.
    Enjoy your home with your husband.


  4. I love the coziness of all the photos and how wonderful yours and J's home is.
    This also makes me miss Berlin!

    Looking forward to your Sverige pics.

  5. being home is just being home! It can't compare with anything =)
    btw...tomatoes on the balcony - thats an achievement! Mine unfortunately died half way while blooming.

  6. Fabulous! welcome back.

  7. that is such a sweet photo of johan in the last shot! what a cute idea for framing it, too. :)

    i love your flowers...i always feel so much better - so much brighter - when there are fresh flowers around. sad that they're so expensive in sweden!

  8. Oh, ein alter Kachelofen. Den hatten wir auch. Und ich musste die Kohlen holen. Das ist eine schöne Erinnerung, obwohl ich es seinerzeit gehasst habe aber so ist das ja mit den Erinnerungen und dass mich deine Bilder darauf bringen, dafür danke ich Dir herzlich!

  9. Oh ! I just love your photography ! They are so emotive. Glad to be here.
    have a nice day !

  10. I know exactly what you mean!! Thanks for sharing your photos and beautiful space.

  11. Sandra, I enjoy your photographs so much. You have inspired me to take pictures of vignettes in my own home, spaces, our little town, and the little towns around us. And it's exciting to see the little details about how you live there in a "foreign country". Carol J. from Glenpool, Oklahoma, USA

  12. I enjoyed this post very much. And the necklace is lovely!


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