It's Wrist Worms season!

Hi! It's Wrist Worms Season and this is a yarn made of 85% wool and 15% camel and I really like the look of it. At the moment there are 8 different colours from this yarn in the shop and there will be more later on this fall.

These are some of the most popular ones through the years.

I took one mustard pair for myself.

This will be the 5th fall I make Wrist Worms, so thankful for all your support through the years.

Some different shades of blue and purple on request.

There are plenty of new looks this Fall (see last pic/collage) and there will also be Wrist Worms for children soon.

More of the 85% wool & 15% camel ones.

* The shop *
Thank you for visiting and enjoy!
Let me know if you have any special wishes and I might make them come true (striped black and white pair is on its way).

Later this fall I will put together a post like this and this :)


  1. oh sandra...they are all so gorgeous!
    i definatly need another pair of these cute worms.
    but which one should i choose...eek...it´s a hard decision. i´m over to decide...


  2. you are so good at crochet!!!
    (and I love your typewriter!)

  3. Så fint, Sandra! Jeg er superglad i mine Wrist Worms :)

  4. Multicolors are tempting...
    Typewriter is like a retro candy! :-)
    Linnea from Helsinki

    P.S Thanks for the Berlin guide you had here earlier.

  5. sandra they look absolutely lovely! it's not nearly cold yet here, but i sure will place my order when the temperature falls. congratulations on your creativity!

  6. It's fall here in Norway already, definitely wristworm-season! Will there be green wrist worms this autumn? I would love that!

  7. No, it's not!
    Wir haben immernoch Sommer und da zählt auch nicht, dass es bei Rewe schon Lebkuchen gibt.

  8. OH my daughter has been hunting, hunting online for kids wrist worms. Might blue on lighter blue stripes be possible?? Thanks for always being an inspiration!

    1. Dear Wendy, there will be some blue pairs available soon :)

  9. I love the colours of the blue-green pair and burnt orange pair together. It must be fun styling the photos for your wristworms, so many colours to mix and match!


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